Future Toyota EVs: Downloadable V8 & V12 Engine Sounds

Toyota: A Surprising New Idea

At the beginning of the year, Toyota exposed their FT-SE concept automobile, offering observers a glance at the upcoming electric sports car from the award-winning Japanese brand. It appears that this GR-emblazoned vehicle is being engineered to offer its proprietors the luxury of downloading diversified engine noises and motoring styles for an energizing, exclusive voyage.

When speaking to Top Gear about potential features, chief branding officer Simon Humphries suggested the idea of downloading “your favorite engine sound and driving dynamics”, so that “you could truly create your own unique experiences, all the while emitting only smiles.”

This could be excellent excitement for EV proprietors, especially those pining for the sound of a gasoline engine. You can now have either emphatically rumbling V8 or a passionate V12, subject to your inclination. It’s even probable to gain access to the emblematic V10 tone found in ’90s Formula 1 cars. But would this be feasible?

Hyundai has fertilely proved to us with the Ioniq 5 N that synthetically generated engine sounds can be applied to EVs. Unlike the Korean performance car which provides a trifecta of noise options, Toyota looks to have customers obtain whatever noises they desire at any time.

Masahito Watanabe, the manager of GR (Gazoo Racing), recently revealed that Toyota is researching ways to create a sound that would befit the driving experience of performance EVs. “We have been making several prototypes of battery EVs and we have discovered that sound has an immense effect on the enjoyment of driving,” he said. “We have personally experienced this in our development process. We are still working on a sound that would give the driver a stimulating feeling that would fit the car’s dynamics.”

We are uncertain as to how accessibly functional driving abilities would perform, yet this is apt to be more intricate than phonogenic motor sounds.

It will be intriguing to see how Toyota builds upon the concept of ‘Drive Modes’ that many cars already offer, allowing for a more comfort-oriented suspension setup for road trips, a razor-sharp experience for track days, and maybe even a “young driver” setting for inexperienced drivers.

It’s improbable that this technology will be featured in EVs like the bZ4X, however it might be delivered after Toyota releases its fully electric Lexus. What form the all-electric GR Supra takeover is open for interpretation. Reportedly a counterfeit manual transmission can be anticipated when the FT-SE rolls out, whilst Toyota’s innovative solid state battery tech should come with the electrified sports car from Toyota.

What kind of downloadable facets do you deem practical to go on the up-and-coming Toyota athletic autos? Please share with us your thoughts in the commentary under.

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