GMA T.50s: Lauda’s Revamped Road Car

F1-Style Carbon-Carbon Brakes: Inclusion

The first version of Gordon Murray Automotive’s T.50s Niki Lauda has been created and the subject of their most current videos with GMA head tester Dario Franchitti joining Professor Gordon Murray as they examine the freshly built auto.

As we are informed, the presenters spotlight the Cosworth V12 that has surpassed all expectations, having created an impressive 761 horsepower — a massive improvement from the original goal of 715-hp. This considerable increase was made possible by increasing the compression ratio to 15.0:1.

A few alterations have been made such as the removal of variable valve timing since it is not beneficial for a track-only car; a redone cylinder head and steeper cams have been installed, in addition to a new intake system featuring a dozen separate throttle bodies, as well as a direct fuel injection similar to that once found in F1 cars from the 1970s.


Whilst the normal T.50 furnishes cast aluminium suspension bits, this one showcases light-weighted steel. Moreover, shorter but broader 18-inch wheels mated with carbon-carbon brakes are introduced to moderate unsprung weight. These brakes are inoperable in unfavourable climactic conditions, yet those who can afford a vehicle of this calibre would likely never drive it in inclement weather anyway.

Speaking of mass, according to what Murray has indicated, the T.50s could potentially generate a much greater downward force than it currently is capable of producing. Presently, the car is able to produce up to two thousand six hundred and forty-five pounds of downforce, but if its optimal capacity was reached (which can reach four thousand one hundred eighty-nine lbs), not only would it push drivers to their limits, but Michelin representatives argued that even its most advanced tire technology would be negated.

Intriguingly, GMA has engineered a high-downforce kit for aspiring purchasers, which could yield approximately 3300 lbs, creating a satisfactory median.


Without the added downforce, the T.50s nevertheless produces a great deal of lateral G – up to 2.6 G – and even more, at 3.5 G under braking. This is an automobile that is very difficult to keep in control. As per murray, this car’s lap times already have the capacity to make GT1 cars blush. Moreover, the T.50s will be faster around the famed Circuit de la Sarthe than Murray’s ’95 winning McLaren F1 GTR.

The preoccupation with exacting standards has even dictated that the rider seat, restraining systems, as well as installation components, be rendered optional due to the fact that they increase over 11 lbs apiece. The carbon outer layer is made thinner and instead of conventional paint, a lightweight vinyl covering was applied to this initial representation.

We are anxiously anticipating witnessing and hearing this thing at its highest power, though meanwhile, we’ll be vigilantly observing what happens.

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