Gordon Murray’s T.50 Supercar Debuts

Limited Supply: 100 Global Examples Created

After finishing the extensive testing of the T.50 (scrutinize the linked articles below), Gordon Murray Automotive is ultimately getting ready to construct the remarkably limited supercar. The very first build was inscribed by the founder himself, emblemizing the commencement of fabrication for the inaugural version created by the manufacturer.

As formerly disclosed, the automaker has decided to fabricate only 100 units of the T.50 globally. Each unit will be produced manually in GMA’s Dunsfold plant located in Surrey, England, elaborately drafted in accordance to every customer’s personalized wishes. Furthermore, the firm states that not two vehicles shall even be configured with a similar primary exterior paint shade.

Since the instant of divulging the T.50— created to be the globe’s most driver-oriented supercar—I have been eagerly awaiting this point in time. Crafting and designing the T.50 has been an extraordinary voyage with a great deal of the initial labor finalised during the lockdown, thus witnessing the engineering craft of the carbon-fiber monocoque of the first customer car prepped for formation, in less than two and a half years following revealment, is truly captivating,” declared Gordon Murray after signing the inaugural edition of the T.50.

Raising the question of how such limited production will be maintained and covered by warranties, Gordon Murray Automotive has announced the formation of a network of five service centers located in two US locations as well as in Britain, Japan, and Abu Dhabi. These offices are set to handle all maintenance and warranty related tasks for their forthcoming supercar.

GMA has assembled a network of professionals handpicked for their expertise on the T.50, with 14 centres established across the world from Germany and Spain to Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia and elsewhere. Additionally, six more hubs are set to be created in strategic parts of America. Expert technicians trained by GMA staff these facilities for providing service and upkeep.

Come next year, the business is planning to begin fabrication of the T.33, its 2nd production supercar which is legally allowed on the streets. The complete batch of one hundred units has already been sold out though.

Source: Gordon Murray Automotive

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