Hear This Mazda RX-7: 880HP 6 Rotor Beast!

NZ-Built Monster: Certified Ear Bleeder!

Cars equipped with a triple-rotor engine make quite an impassioned shriek, yet the six-rotor Mazda RX-7 manufactured by the rotary maestros at Mukka Motorsport from New Zealand takes this suggestion to a whole new level. Unmistakably producing fortissimo tones, this eager drift car was recently tested by Adam Lizotte-Zeisler as part of his LZ World Tour down in Australia.

As per Mukka Motorsport’s Benjamin Sneddon, interviewed on the Drift Games YouTube channel, it took a remarkable ten months to put the vehicle together. That time covered customizing the subframe, setting up a substantial 10-liter rear radiator, constructing a comprehensive roll cage, and putting in place a BC suspension system, among other things.

This 6 ROTOR Mazda RX7 will make your EARS BLEED...

The car is equipped with a powerful six-rotor motor, accompanied by a sequential gearbox to ensure more dynamic action. Notably, Sneddon noted that this is among the very few billet six-rotor engines ever constructed. Another noteworthy example of this type of engine would be Mazda’s Cosmo from Japan, which has the capability of reaching 10,000 rpm.

At its peak, Mukka Motorsport’s RX-7 is capable of churning out a massive 880 horsepower. While other rotary builds may be able to produce more power, this RX-7 only weighs 2,400 pounds, making it feel like a “go-kart” when you drive it. Plus, the fact that it is naturally aspirated gives it something in common with its modern-day relatives, like the Mazda 3.

A post was presented by Benjamin Sneddon (@mukkamotorsport) on his Instagram account, that elicited a lot of reactions. The picture got many people excited and talking with reactions far and wide over social media platforms. It is truly a remarkable shared moment!

Refreshing an engine with forced induction is one of the most standard modifications for automotive builders or tuners. Turbocharged rotary models, like that 1971 Toyota from Hawaii, are particularly successful in giving power yet securing greater performance from a naturally aspirated mill requires noteworthy expertise and up to 800 horsepower.

The cherry on top of the sundae is that we get to witness the car fire up and traveling. It emits a pitch-perfect sound recalling classic Formula One vehicles when accelerated while standing still. The video’s closing scene then features the car going into a skid as its six-cylinder roars in delight.

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