Honda Odyssey: A Made in China Comeback in Japan

The Minivan’s Journey in its Home Market

Honda has decided to bring back the Japanese Domestic Market-spec Odyssey, concluding the automobile’s retirement from the Saitama Prefecture in late 2021. Due to strong consumer interest, the timeless family vehicle has been reimagined and transformed into an imported model from China – e:HEV Absolute EX Black Edition. This reincarnation of the minivan is certain to capture fans’ hearts once again.

The Honda Odyssey Hybrid RC has an extended title, which demonstrates its amalgam powertrain and the innumerable dark accents on the exterior. Inside the vehicle, one will recognize that it’s altered compared to the Odyssey accessible in America. The dashboard seems more current with slim, horizontal air vents and modish knobs for the climate controls. Additionally, it features a bigger 11.4-inch screen for the infotainment system, coupled with a USB-C port for second-row travelers.

Concerning the two middle captain’s chairs, they are four-way power adjustable and armrests stay on the sides. Moreover, the driver’s chair is eight-way electronically adapted whilst the passenger sits on a four-way power seat which both feature heating capacity. In addition, tri-zone automatic climate control, leather seating surfaces and an electrically operated tailgate. The aforementioned two center captain’s chairs are four-way power-adjustable and have armrests on both sides, with the option for heated and reclining features. Between the two is a folding table with built-in cup holders for convenience. For the driver and front-row passenger, Honda has equipped the vehicle with improved seating – the driver’s chair being eight-way power adjustable, while the passenger’s is four-way power adjustable, both featuring heated capabilities. Aside from these, there are additional amenities to enjoy, such as a tri-zone automatic climate control system, along with premium leather upholstery, and lastly an electric-powered tailgate.

Exported from the Guangqi Honda facility situated in Guangzhou, the JDM Odyssey is founded on the minivan’s second rejuvenation unveiled later on in 2020. It is energized by a normally aspirated two-liter fuel motor as part of a hybrid powertrain to provide a unified performance of 212 horsepower and 232 lb-ft (315 Nm) of torque sent to the wheels by way of an e-CVT.

Honda is to make the Odyssey e:HEV Absolute EX Black Edition accessible in Japan commencing in the fourth quarter of 2023, with pre-arrangements ready to begin in autumn.

Source: Honda

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