Issues Dealer Lot Delays: Emissions Concerns Surround New Lotus Emira Sports Cars

Delayed Delivery: Three Years Later and Still No British Sports Cars for Customers

Lotus is currently facing challenges with its operations in the United States due to delays in delivering its Emira model caused by a missing emissions certificate from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).The company has hit a roadblock as it awaits the necessary certification from CARB, which is crucial for selling vehicles in California and several other states that follow its strict environmental regulations.Despite the setback, Lotus remains confident in its ability to resolve the issue and resume sales of the Emira in the US market. This situation has also prompted the company to explore alternative solutions to ensure compliance with CARB’s standards without compromising on the performance of their vehicles.The delay in obtaining the emissions certificate has been attributed to factors such as a spike in demand for certifications, limited resources, and changes in testing guidelines. However, Lotus is actively working towards addressing these challenges and expects to receive the much-needed approval soon.In the meantime, the company has assured its customers that their priority remains on providing an exceptional driving experience while meeting all environmental requirements. They have also expressed gratitude to their loyal fanbase for their patience and understanding during this time.Despite this obstacle, Lotus’ dedication to innovation and sustainability remains unwavering. The brand continues to focus on producing cutting-edge, high-performance vehicles that align with

According to a recent report by Automotive News, automobiles are being dispatched to dealerships prior to obtaining approval from the California Air Resources Board (CARB). There is some uncertainty surrounding the delivery of US-compliant Emira models, as it is not clear if they were sent before receiving certification or if they did not meet the state’s emissions standards.

It is understandable that both dealers and Emira purchasers are feeling frustrated with the extensive delay in receiving their mid-engine sports cars. The process of obtaining certification for emissions and safety standards has caused significant obstacles, resulting in a delay of over a year for Emira deliveries.

According to Lotus, their vehicles began being shipped out in July, however, they made it clear that the cars “will not be handed over to dealers until all certifications have been finalized.” Initially, Lotus had announced that customer deliveries would commence in the third quarter of 2023, but this has not been the reality.

Although several Emiras have been distributed to clients in the 36 states that comply with EPA regulations, Lotus is concerned that used models may not be eligible for registration in states that adhere to CARB standards. Therefore, Lotus will refrain from officially launching sales until the Emira is certified for driving in all 50 states. The corporation, headquartered in Norfolk, is currently awaiting CARB’s approval after completing required tests and implementing necessary software updates.

According to Lynda Lambert, a spokesperson for CARB, the process of obtaining certification can take up to three months. As stated by Lambert, “Applications for certification are considered confidential business information until they have been approved and made available on CARB’s official website.” She also added that manufacturers are allowed to openly communicate about their plans for the upcoming model year and the progress of their submitted applications.

This problem has posed a significant challenge for both dealers and customers who find themselves caught in the midst of this predicament.

The consistent flow of updates from Lotus to its customers and dealers is lacking. Although customers do receive email alerts regarding their car’s imminent delivery, the company has failed to inform dealers about the anticipated CARB approval timeline. Moreover, dealers are burdened with increased costs as a result of elevated interest rates and borrowing expenses.

According to Vanessa Meier, a representative for Lotus, the company’s stance was clarified to Automotive News. “In essence, our statement is that there are certain last-minute verifications that must be completed before we can proceed, and as of now, we do not have any new information to share.”

An unidentified seller disclosed that there is a growing stock of inventory, pointing out that buyers have been patiently anticipating the arrival of their vehicles. One dealership currently has an excess of 100 models waiting to be purchased by customers.

The dealer stated, “My clients have had the opportunity to lay eyes on their cars and even take a seat inside them. This experience is crucial as it truly makes a difference for them to physically see the car.” However, their tolerance for waiting has its limits.

Fortunately, dealers will receive compensation for the added expenses of their floorplan. However, Lotus has yet to disclose their method for doing so. “We are currently addressing this matter. It is a topic of discussion among all of us. Overall, dealers have been understanding. There are inquiries, and we are striving to provide them with all the necessary details,” stated Meier.

The Emira’s journey has been plagued with challenges, as numerous unforeseen obstacles have hindered its progress. The car’s release in 2022 was pushed back due to various factors, including complications in the supply chain and the emergence of COVID-19. External circumstances, such as Brexit, added further complications to the production and delivery of the Emira. Moreover, inflation issues and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine only exacerbated the situation.

Despite the increase in production last year, it will not benefit Lotus if they do not obtain CARB certification in a timely manner. This lack of certification may cause customers to lose interest and switch to buying a Porsche instead, avoiding the hassle. Furthermore, the pricing for the Emira has already risen since its initial release.

Previously a budget-friendly sports car, it has now transformed into a costly aspiration. With any luck, this will soon be altered.

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