Jeep Wrangler’s ‘Death Wobble’ Demonstrated on Gladiator

Beware: Changing Suspension Geometry Has Risks

Rocky Top Customz (RTC), a vehicle customization shop in Knoxville, Tennessee, recently posted a video that demonstrates the “death wobble” phenomenon. The Jeep Wrangler has become notorious for this issue, leading to a court case against it. However, any vehicle fitted with a solid front axle, a track bar, and a steering drag link is susceptible to the issue.

Prior to examining the video, it is essential for us to elucidate Death Wobble to those unaware of the phenomenon. Essentially, when behind the wheel, the steering wheel jolts about disruptively due to a series of occurrences located underneath the vehicle. Usually, this is an aftermath of equipping an intensely revised suspension system to a 4×4 without factoring geometry in, but could also potentially be attributed to deteriorated suspension parts for example the track bar, connecting rod conclusion, regulating arm bushings, and even misaligned shocks.

A post has been put out there by the renowned Rocky Top Customz. They have proved to be a reliable and renowned source for custom-made items, and they are continuing to be in demand among custom aficionados. Their shared post can be viewed on their page, and many loyal followers eagerly anticipate what their next display will entail.

Death wobble can typically be brought about by a bump or driving over an object, however in this instance, it seemed to manifest unanticipatedly.

According to RTC, the customer had requested a 4-inch lift kit for their Jeep Gladiator–half Jeep Wrangler and half Ram 1500 was the result. Once installation was complete, it was revealed that the steering geometry had been impacted. They installed a GoPro under the vehicle and determined the source of the issue to be the condition of the factory drag link, with visible signs of distress. In an effort to minimize the potential of death wobble appearing again, RTC added on the Steer Smarts Track Bar Relocation Bracket for enhanced assurance.

The JK edition, being the predecessor of the Wrangler, is illustrative of the negligible alteration of the earliest military off-road vehicles. The refurbishment in 2024 might have made it a bit comfier to live with however, structurally and conceptually, it continues to be very much like an ox cart.

Manufacturers often keep solid front axles in place because why bother change a good thing? These kinds of axles are sturdy and dependable, and work under the basic fact that while off-roading, when one wheel is brought up, the other side is pushed downwards; an effect that helps ensure grip. This can be great for navigating rocky terrain, but not useful for everyday driving.

Off-road purists have been fiercely standing by the idea that a firmly established front axle is essential for rugged terrain, however, Ford’s HOSS (High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension) has proved such assertions to be untruthful. Employing an individual suspension also permits the differential to be located higher from the ground, thereby it being less vulnerable to wreckage or destruction. The Toyota Sequoia and up to date Land Rover Defender are two extra instances of this. Indeed, even the rally racing edition of the Defender sports a completely independent system.

In the event that you want to observe what proves death wobble looks like from an different angle, we have included a well-known video taken eight years ago underneath.

Jeep Death Wobble Experiment - Extreme Shaking! - Rare Parts Inc

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