Kia EV9: No Swivel Seats for North America

US Federal Laws Violate Nifty Option

An intriguing trait of the Kia EV9 is its optional two-seater captain’s chairs that can rotate 180 degrees to be aligned with the third-row seats located in the back. This attribute was conspicuously featured during the EV9’s unveiling, yet sadly, its spin-out seats will not be accessible in North America. Disappointing news, indeed.

It’s not for any deficiency in wanting on Kia’s behalf. A representative for the company verified to that the swivel feature doesn’t adhere to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations. Which is why it was not mentioned one iota during the EV9’s North American unveiling at the 2023 New York Auto Show. According to a CarBuzz article, there could be some specific regulation applicable; however, Kia didn’t provide any detail on how precisely the EV9 didn’t cut it. All of us have certainly scoped out many modernized camper vans with rotatable chairs; nevertheless, we do not declare to be lawful professionals. The point being that no US-bound EV9s will come with pivot seats.

It appears probable that the EV9 will receive many prospective customers as its primary benefit is three row seating – which is a product that has very few competitors. Those looking for an EV with space for six or seven passengers presently only have the Tesla Model X and Rivian R1S selections to go by, both of which offer high prices. Manufactured in Georgia, the SUV will be qualified for Electric Vehicle tax credits which could potentially take $7,500 off its retail price. Despite Kia not making any official statements concerning EV9 cost, it likely begins at about $55,000.

Although the beginning section still has three seating rows, you can count on the fee reflecting the one-motor variant with a habitual capacity battery. In North America, a 76.1 kW battery will be powering the rear wheels solely, with an output rate of 215 HP. Kia has yet to determine a distance span for their lower grade, however they are aiming for 300 miles from the Long Range option that contains an electric motor rated at 201 horsepower and 99.8 kWh storehouse battery.

More data regarding the EV9 is still in the works. As the season progresses, it will be released prior to its availability in the North American market at the year’s close 2023.

Source: Kia via CarBuzz

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