Kia’s Futuristic Electric Commercial Vehicles Debut at CES 2024

Korean Automaker Takes Lead in Commercial Segment with Innovative PV Models

At CES 2024, Kia has unveiled five fresh ideas that highlight the brand’s approach to electric mobility. These five electric vehicles are referred to as Platform Beyond Vehicle (PBV) solutions and are designed for both commercial use and targeted towards customers with unique transportation needs.

Taking the lead is the Concept PV5, a versatile transportation option that can be customized to fit the specific requirements of its users. Kia has unveiled four designs based on the PV5, giving a glimpse into their upcoming models. In the near future, Kia plans to launch multiple body styles, including a ‘Basic’ model, a Chassis Cab, a High Roof version, and Van derivatives. Additionally, the Korean automaker has aspirations to introduce an autonomous Robotaxi variation, developed in partnership with Motional, a subsidiary of Hyundai specializing in self-driving technology.

Each of the four PV5 models feature spacious doors, providing added convenience for passengers entering and exiting the cabin. Loading the vehicle with belongings is a simple task thanks to the ample door space. The long wheelbase and level floor also contribute to this seamless experience.

According to Kia, the design of their PBVs goes beyond just looks. The upcoming range of electric cars has been carefully crafted to serve as “strong, uncomplicated, and ingenious instruments.” This is clearly demonstrated in the utilitarian and straightforward appearance that prioritizes functionality. Kia has ingeniously developed a “seamless” body frame that allows for various structures or replaceable upper bodies to be installed.

The Kia brand refers to these entities as life modules, and they will be linked to the car through a mix of electromagnetic and mechanical couplings. For instance, a Kia PBV has the potential to function as a taxi during daytime hours, and also transform into either a delivery or family automobile for night-time use.

The introduction of Kia Personal Business Vehicles (PBVs) will take place in three stages, with the PV5 model being the initial one to make its entrance. These cars are anticipated to come equipped with advanced technology that will enable them to communicate with one another and exchange delivery and route data – an impressive function particularly useful in heavily populated urban areas.

As the next stage commences, the PV7 and PV1 are anticipated to make their entrance. The PV7 is recognized as the most sizable option in the collection, showcasing an impressive capacity for mileage, spacious interior, and top-notch attributes and capabilities. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have the charming PV1.

Although not as roomy as its larger siblings, this petite little one packs a punch when it comes to short trips and is said to have impressive maneuverability with its tight turning radius. The PV1 is sure to be a saving grace in densely populated cities in Europe and Asia. While it may not make its way to American shores, the potential competition between the Ford E-Transit, Mercedes eSprinter, and the PV7 could garner quite the attention.

Kia has decided against offering these specialized vehicles alongside their EV models such as the EV6 GT and EV9. Instead, the company plans to establish a unique business structure that will oversee all aspects of their PBV series, including software development and procurement.

Every PBV vehicle will come with a rail system installed on its floor, side panels, and ceilings. This feature allows for a personalized customization according to each user’s specific requirements. Furthermore, it enables the smooth transfer of goods from one vehicle to another.

The manufacture of PBV automobiles is set to commence in 2025 at a fresh facility located in the Hwaseong site, South Korea. The company’s initial goal is to manufacture approximately 100,000 units per year, with intentions to boost this number to 150,000 vehicles.

“The Kia PBV business is the cornerstone of our customer-centric business strategy,” stated Pierre-Martin Bos, Vice President and Director of PBV. “Our goal is to create PBVs and solutions that are specifically designed for their unique business environments. We are certain that these robust partnerships will play a crucial role in our journey towards becoming a sustainable provider of mobility solutions.”

According to previous statements by Kia, these upcoming cars will be utilizing the innovative eS skateboard platform. In the future, a variety of vehicles are in the works, with some spacious enough to function as on-the-go offices or shops.

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