Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut On Track To Break Speed Record in Upcoming Year

CEO Christian von Koenigsegg delivers on company promises.

Koenigsegg remains determined to push the limits of the Jesko Absolut’s speed capabilities, as company founder Christian von Koenigsegg recently disclosed to Swedish media that the luxury automaker has set its sights on breaking a new speed record “within this year.” According to Carup, von Koenigsegg maintains his confidence in the Jesko Absolut’s potential to surpass all previous attempts and claim the title of the fastest street-legal production car.

Moreover, the effort by Koenigsegg will steer clear of misleading titles.Additionally, Koenigsegg’s endeavor will refrain from using sensationalized headlines.

“Bugatti has only driven in one direction and with a car in a specification that customers cannot buy,” states von Koenigsegg. “Even SSC’s record is set with a car that is not homologated for road use. Our record with the Koenigsegg Agera was achieved using a production car, and our upcoming record attempt will also be made with a series-produced Jesko that is fully approved for street use.”

The CEO announced plans to conduct an experiment in two different ways, using a car with the same specifications that will be available for purchase by customers. This signifies that even the specialized tires required for such a vehicle will be accessible to those who purchase the Jesko after the experiment is completed.

“Hopefully, we can go for the record already this year,” stated von Koenigsegg. However, before getting too carried away, the same obstacles that Koenigsegg has encountered in the past remain, specifically the search for a sufficiently long road and one that is legally accessible. The CEO expresses doubt that any roads in Sweden would fulfill the requirements for a record-breaking attempt, and it wouldn’t be unexpected to witness a Swedish hypercar pushing its limits on American terrain once more.

There are extensive stretches of roadway in Sweden, as evidenced by the recent achievement of setting a new record for going from 0 to 249 miles per hour and back to 0, which took place on a two-mile runway. However, in order to attempt top-speed runs, significantly larger areas are required.

Securing a location for the Jesko Absolut may prove to be a daunting task, but should it meet its goals, the effort will surely be worthwhile. Fortunately, Christian is maintaining high hopes for his brainchild. According to the CEO, after considering factors such as the car’s drag coefficient of 0.278, gearing, and power curve simulations, “Our theoretical models indicate that the car has the potential to reach speeds over 500 km/h – now we aim to demonstrate its true capabilities.”

This entails surpassing the speed of 310 mph – a feat that even Bugatti has yet to accomplish. According to von Koenigsegg, reaching 330 mph is within the realm of possibility. It is certainly a daunting task, as mentioned before, Koenigsegg will need to find a suitable road. However, with Christian and his team at the helm, they have a knack for turning the impossible into the attainable. The recent delivery of the first Jesko Absolut to a customer indicates promising prospects. Rest assured, we will provide updates on this exciting development.

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