Maverick F-150 Shifter: Easy Upgrade!

A Little Cutting Needed

The proprietor of a Ford Maverick has changed the truck’s dial-type gear selector to an authentic lever-type shifter taken from a Ford F-150, and amazingly it is a straightforward alteration. The dial-type shifter gives the interior a sleeker and more well-ordered design but can be disconcerting and strange for certain operators.

Many have professed their affection for the Ford compact truck, however, some owners from various online forums and social media platforms have raised concerns about the dial-type shifter. One of the issues they have encountered is the possibility of inadvertently shifting gears with a slight brush of an arm or leg. Additionally, some elderly drivers have mentioned that they are more accustomed to lever shifters.

An individual from the Maverick Truck Club gathering who goes by the title Fast Mavericks started a post showing off his miniaturized vehicle furnished with a lever shifter from an F-150. As indicated by his presentation, he cut the first focus support to fit in the fresh out of the plastic new rigging shifter get together, however that is something simple to supplant whenever he ever feels like returning.

Interestingly, he claims that the “old dial shifter’s plug was compatible with the F-150 shifter,” and so far, the vehicle “drives like normal.” It appears that the F-150 shifter on the Mav might still possess its fold-down capability.

Nevertheless, this is only a makeshift way as the user affirms he will attach an extra rack for the automobile’s drive mode selector and parking brake. Moreover, the paddle shifters are yet to be connected too.

This particular vehicle has seen numerous adjustments. A Lincoln Corsair 2.3 liter motor equipped with a turbocharger from a Ford Ranger now rests in its engine bay; it would appear that the Maverick engine switches are becoming increasingly sought-after. Furthermore, brakes fron a Ford Focus RS have been included to this build, while the now discontinued Ford Focus ST has provided its steering wheel for its completion. Other components were also employed around the construct.

The Maverick is surely a treat for all those who enjoy tweaking and customizing. We have observed dashboard changes, 3D-printed parts, and various other replacement modifications, both originating from the Ford range as well as off it; and we can’t wait to find out what else the Maverick shall accommodate by 2024.

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