McLaren Artura Burns in Test Drive [UPDATE]

Hybrid Supercar Destroyed: No Injuries

A McLaren representative has verified they are aware of the blaze, yet would not provide any further information until a complete inquiry is complete.

Let us lift a cup in honour of the McLaren Artura. Just recently, some folks, over here in Great Britain, raised a toast in memory of this articual vehicle – unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to save the hybrid sports car from succumbing to a blazing inferno. Sadly, what was left when the flames had died down was just a part of the front façade that remained more or less intact.

What precisely occurred here? Aside from being aflame (clearly) it’s a matter that remains unsolved. What we can tell you is that the fire broke out on October 16, close to a nearby McLaren store in Leeds, where evidently the car was being taken for a spin, as The Sun UK mentioned. We could venture a guess and say that the potential buyer chose not to purchase this one. Reportedly, the fire erupted all of a sudden, and thankfully, the vehicle’s individuals both got away unscathed.

It required hometown firefighters roughly a half-hour to quench the flames, yet the precise origins of the inferno remain uncertain. As the Artura is so rare, and there have been accounts of it being trialled from a shop, we reached out to McLaren to decide whether any investigation was taking place or if there was any information on its commencement. A spokesperson acknowledged that McLaren were familiar with the fire, yet declined to make any further comments until a comprehensive investigation has been done.

The cause of the blaze yet remains mysterious, although it is noteworthy that McLaren had to recall their Artura models in the US for a potential fire hazard towards the end of 2022. According to papers released by the company, two separate instances of fuel leakage were reported from track-driven vehicles utilizing certain kinds of nuts on the injection setup. Initially, a new tightening protocol was utilized as part of an effort to fix the issue, with cars already being distributed after applied. Alas, a subsequent fuel drip happened even with the use of this process, leading McLaren to issue a recall of a total of 164 vehicles in the States.

Outfitted with a 671-horsepower drivetrain which combines a twin-turbocharged V6 engine and an electric motor, the Artura arrived in 2021 as the initial series-manufactured hybrid from McLaren. It follows in the footsteps of the P1 hypercar, although functions have needed McLaren to postpone generation within the coming months for some reasons.

Sources: The Sun UK, Canada News via YouTube

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