Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door EV Spotted: Drawing Inspiration from Vision Concept

2022 AMG GT 4-Door prototype inspired by May’s Vision AMG concept.

While Mercedes-Benz has already dabbled in the realm of electric cars, the renowned German car manufacturer is eagerly anticipating the release of their inaugural electric sports car through their AMG division. This highly anticipated vehicle will take shape as the forthcoming Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door EV.

of the upcoming EV, which is set to debut in 2021Surprisingly, HotCars was able to capture photos of the AMG GT 4-door EV being driven on the streets, thanks to photographer Brian Williams. These pictures suggest that the design of the upcoming EV will be influenced by various components from the Vision AMG concept that was revealed almost two years ago. The highly-anticipated EV is scheduled to make its debut in 2021.

If there’s one vehicle that would strongly impact the design of the AMG GT 4-door EV, it would be the Vision AMG concept. This concept, unveiled by Mercedes in May of 2022, holds significant sway because Mercedes has emphasized it as a preview of the electric AMG Driving Performance to come.The Vision AMG concept, which was showcased by Mercedes in May of 2022, holds great influence over the design of the AMG GT 4-door EV. This is due to Mercedes’ clear statement that this unique show car provides a sneak peek into the electric future of AMG’s performance.

Mercedes introduced the Vision AMG as a representation of AMG’s vision for incorporating electrification, while staying true to the brand’s distinct design. This concept vehicle exudes a combination of elegance and superiority, with its striking proportions. The Vision AMG boasts an impressive long wheelbase, abbreviated overhangs, bold shoulders, and sizable wheels, forming an alluring blend of extravagance and impact.

The Vision AMG project is a continuation of the VISION EQXX concept, serving as the natural progression towards creating an electric sports car for mass production. As previously stated, the Vision AMG is based on the state-of-the-art AMG.EA platform and is equipped with a cutting-edge Axial Flux Motor, supported by a specialized high-performance high-voltage battery and groundbreaking drive technology.

Mercedes made quite the impression with their debut of the Vision AMG concept, displaying unique design elements that set it apart. Among these are the exclusive AMG grille with illuminated bars and the remarkable star-shaped light signature. Despite lacking a traditional front radiator due to its all-electric drivetrain, the Vision AMG remained faithful to this distinctive brand characteristic.

Completely integrated into the frontal area, the sealed AMG grill acts as the main visual feature of the vehicle, with its presence amplified by lit-up strips and a multi-faceted exterior outline. The iconic three-pointed emblem is prominently displayed on the bonnet.

The Vision AMG boasts a distinctive appearance, with three LED components forming an artistic depiction of the iconic Mercedes star. A sleek strip of light positioned above the grille seamlessly connects the two headlamps. Its rear design is distinguished by a trio of circular lights on either side, encased in cylindrical tubes and illuminated by LED rings. As the Vision AMG provides a glimpse into what lies ahead, future AMG electric vehicles will likely draw inspiration from its innovative style.

As depicted in the recent spy images, the heavily disguised prototype of the AMG GT 4-door electric vehicle does exhibit a resemblance to the Vision AMG in terms of its styling. Nonetheless, it seems that the prototype has been altered to a more subdued version of the concept’s striking design, which had initially generated excitement for high-performance electric vehicles. Notably absent are the concept car’s elongated wheelbase and minimal front overhang, as well as its slightly extended rear overhang, flared wheel arches, powerful rear bumpers, and angled rear spoiler.

Regardless, the disguised AMG GT 4-door electric vehicle test model maintains the front-positioned A-pillar and streamlined roof extending towards the back. As it is still in its developmental stage, it is too soon to determine if the final version will incorporate elements from the Vision AMG concept, such as the iconic Mercedes star headlights and exclusive AMG grille. Nonetheless, the prototype does showcase a set of three circular taillights on either side.

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