Mercedes-Benz GLE Fire Hazard Risk

Recall of 2021-2022 GLE SUVs by German Automaker

Regrets are often the result of concerns including construction defects and malfunctioning elements from external vendors. Still, that is not yet-and-now; this most recent recall for multiple Mercedes-Benz GLE units resulted from one singular worker.

In March 2021, the German car manufacturing giant was hit with a grievance by a customer in relation to their GLE exhibiting a hostile battery notice message and the automobile refusing to begin. Mercedes did not link the motor vehicle’s malfunction to any production imperfection or widespread failing.

In further research, Mercedes uncovered that the car was a part of a quality guarantee remodelling while in production. Even if documents attest to the revamp being finished, further examination revealed this to be inaccurate, thus suggesting one individual had not accomplished the renewal correctly.

A discovery of the issue revealed that a 12V ground bolt connection was not secured with sufficient torque. Should the fastening become-free, then the electric resistance in theversed junction may increase possibly causing an abnormal temperature rise due to high electrical flow through the coupling. This could potentially cause an ignition as a result.

Possessors of the incoming 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLE are able to rest easy knowing that only versions of the 2021-2022 model years manufactured from February 9, 2021, up to and including November 15, 2021, have been identified for recall. These comprise 138 units of the GLE350 and 26 units of the GLE450.

The safety recall report claimed that, due to the character of the malfunctioning mechanism, no alerts would be exhibited.

As regards to the correction, licensed Mercedes-Benz dealers will review the bolt torque of the specified vehicles for appropriate ground connections and refine it if needed. On the fifteenth of December 2023, the dealers will be alerted while owners of the cars with the subject to voluntary recall will be notified before the sixth of February 2024.

Last year, Mercedes-Benz culminated in the fourth spot of manufacturers with the maximum quantity of recalls; almost a million vehicles were impacted. The recent recall likely won’t significantly alter the entire sum for 2023 when the final count is in. Ford is still the carmaker with the highest number of recalls so far this year.

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