Mercedes-Benz Takes CES By Storm With Cutting-Edge Technology Showcase

Mercedes Shines at CES 2024 with Futuristic Tech Display

Mercedes-Benz has made a grand entrance at CES 2024, impressively presenting a range of fresh advancements and the highly anticipated debuting of its North American Concept CLA Class. Excitingly, owners of Mercedes vehicles can soon experience an array of cutting-edge innovations such as a revolutionary virtual assistant, MBUX Sound Drive, enhanced in-car gaming, and other exciting updates. Let us delve into some of the remarkable features that were showcased at CES 2024.

Mercedes-AMG has recently unveiled their latest collaboration with, introducing the innovative MBUX Sound Drive. This cutting-edge system transforms your luxury vehicle into a “virtual musical instrument” with the help of advanced technology. But how exactly does it work? Through specialized software, the system is able to analyze the car’s movements and respond to specific inputs, including braking, acceleration, steering, and recuperation. As a result, drivers are able to create and control music while on the road, essentially becoming composers in their own right.

Although it may seem like a mere marketing tactic, Mercedes has stated that their ultimate objective with this technology is to establish a versatile music platform. The MBUX Sound Drive feature enables artists to craft their own songs and recordings using the specialized Sound Drive studio software. This means that aspiring musicians can now compose music while on-the-go, but only if they are lucky enough to own a high-end car like the EQS.

This groundbreaking technology is set to launch in mid-2024 and will be accessible on second-generation MBUX systems of both Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

The car company based in Stuttgart also revealed a partnership with Audible and Amazon Music, much to the satisfaction of its clients. In the near future, car owners will have the opportunity to enjoy their preferred audiobooks and narratives through Dolby Atmos, resulting in an enhanced and captivating experience.

According to Mercedes, a new functionality is set to be released in the third quarter of 2024 through an over-the-air upgrade. Initially, this will only be available for the latest E-Class and CLE Coupe/Cabriolet models with the third-gen MBUX technology. However, it will eventually expand to include other vehicles at a later time.

In December 2023, Amazon Music with Dolby Atmos was introduced to the market and is now available on vehicles equipped with the second-generation MBUX system.

Markus Schafer, Chief Technology Officer for Mercedes-Benz, emphasized the significance of immersive audio storytelling in enhancing the overall driving experience for their customers. He stated, “Immersive audio storytelling enables our customers to fully utilize the advanced sound technology in our vehicles.” For Mercedes-Benz, providing unmatched in-car entertainment is a crucial aspect of delivering a hyper-personalized user experience.

The MBUX infotainment system is widely considered one of the top choices on the market, but Mercedes-Benz believes there is still room for improvement. This has led them to reveal an enhanced Virtual Assistant that utilizes generative AI and 3D graphics to deliver a more intuitive and customized interface for the user.

According to Mercedes, their latest Virtual Assistant has been deemed as the “most human-like interface” in one of their vehicles to date. The company boasts that this technology offers occupants a “natural and empathetic interaction.” This feature is an advancement of the system initially introduced in the Vision EQXX, but has since been enhanced in various aspects. One notable improvement is its ability to offer personalized suggestions based on learned behavior and context.

Mercedes highlights the flexibility of their system, as drivers have the ability to customize it according to their preferences. However, it is important to note that the system is centered on four distinct personality characteristics: ‘Natural,’ ‘Predictive,’ ‘Personal,’ and ‘Empathetic.’

In other regions, Mercedes is set to unveil their new MBUX Surround Navigation system. This innovative feature offers drivers a practical and comprehensive view of their vehicle’s surroundings, ultimately improving safety and situational awareness. The display showcases high-definition visuals powered by 3D graphics from the advanced Unity game engine.

The operator is informed of potential dangers, such as pedestrians in close proximity to the road, as well as upcoming traffic. Additionally, the technology overlays the navigation instructions onto the surrounding environment, which proves beneficial in dense urban areas or on unfamiliar routes.

A thrilling new inclusion is the incorporation of RIDEVU, a service from Sony Pictures Entertainment. This innovative streaming system offers a unique source of amusement for customers in their cars, boasting a wide array of movies to select from.

A new and improved version of MBUX and MB.OS will make its debut on vehicles equipped with the cutting-edge Mercedes-Benz Modular Architecture (MMA), such as the upcoming CLA and other compact models.

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