Mercedes-Benz’s CLAE: Luxury Electric Vehicle

Reveal in Sept: 2025 Arrival Coming

Mercedes-Benz has chosen its next addition to the growing electric car collection of EQ models: the CLA-Class, scheduled to become electrified by 2025.

As per Autocar’s report, we can expect to catch a look of the fresh face at the Munich Auto Show come September. Diverging from Mercedes’ current design of electricity-powered vehicles, the new CLA will retain their conventional naming structure and forego the naming method utilized on models such as the EQB.

The upcoming four-door coupe, powered by a battery, will be the first to feature the brand’s new MMA architecture. The platform was designed to be “electric first,” meaning it was created with EVs in mind but can be adapted for more traditional powertrains. This architecture is capable of accommodating both gasoline and electric drivetrains.

“Last year, Ola Kallenius, the CEO of the company, proclaimed that this new MMA architecture brings forth a new era of technology, encompassing battery chemistry, efficiency, and the drivetrain itself,” said Kallenius. He added that this cutting-edge architecture has the potential to revolutionize the industry.

The CLA will be introduced as an electric autocar, accompanied half a year later by its mild-hybrid version. The ICE-propelled unit will only be retailed in certain regions; we predict that this model will satisfy customers from those areas that have yet to adopt absolutely all-electric automobiles.

EV drivers have lots to be optimistic about, with Mercedes-Benz asserting that the 800-volt configuration permits a quick charge of around 350 kW. Plugged in to a Direct Current (DC) system, the battery can be charged from 10-80% within half an hour. For this skateboard platform, the new lithium iron phosphate battery claims improved efficiency in comparison with the existing lithium-ion packs used by the automaker.

According to the report, Mercedes-Benz plans to present an extensive range electric CLA, utilizing revolutionary silicon-anode batteries. Early testing evidences an energy efficiency of approximately 5.2 mi/kWh.

These batteries, manifested in conjunction with Sila, are to be deployed in the impending EQG electricity-operated off-roader.

The battery capacity of the electric CLA is anticipated to be close to 100 kilowatt-hours. Consequently, its range is expected to cover approximately 530 miles before needing to recharge. This number may need to be adjusted once the car undergoes EPA assessment. Though the initial assertion appears to be quite remarkable, it is probable that the eventual result of the appraisal will be a more humble figure.

The diminutive luxury car will be powered by the second-gen permanent magnet synchronous motors from Mercedes-Benz, labeled as eATS2.0. Additionally, these motors will be supplied with a silicon carbide inverter, which will transmit the power to the wheels through a two-speed gearbox.

One can confidently presume that the Stuttgart-made label will provide distinct power builds. It is likely that a double-motor version with all-wheel drive will be accessible and likewise, a single-motor CLA with either front- or rear-wheel travel. Unalike its electrically powered kin, this engine-fuelled interpretation will differ substantially beneath its exterior, thanks to its all-new four-cylinder engine.

“It is an all-new engine engineered for Euro 7 emission regulations,” said the company’s Markus Schafer. Developed in Germany, the four-cylinder engine is set to make use of certain components supplied by Geely, a Chinese automaker with a strong relationship with the German giant. The two companies have recently collaborated on the new Smart #1 electric car.

A source has informed the British publication that the four-cylinder CLA will not be available as a plug-in hybrid. “In the foreseeable future, customers will be able to pick between pure electric or mild-hybrid petrol depending on the market.”

No matter the drivetrain opted for, the CLA will likewise offer the all-new MB.OS infotainment program. Engineered to endorse Google Maps and also various other adapted programs, it is a chip-to-cloud network. In addition, even the entry-level Benz will have Level 2 aided driving facilities.

Thanks to our sleuthy photographers, we have already spotted the latest CLA-Class during winter testing. Though much of its aspect remain discreetly covered, what is visible is that this updated version will be bigger in size than its precedent and will come with an expanded prevalent grille.

It appears that the upcoming 2025 CLA-Class will have some design characteristics inspired by Mercedes’ most modern models, such as the SL. What is more, the CLA is viewed as fortunate amongst the brand’s budget offerings. While a revision has been given to the A- and B-Class vehicles, rumors from Germany imply they won’t be available for much longer.

Mercedes is transforming its approach to business, particularly in terms of the cars it produces, by emphasizing more upscale models. Its plan was no longer simply to put out vehicle for virtually all market niches, but rather a renewed focus on high-end options like those from AMG and Maybach. As part of this change, both the CLA, along with the GLA and GLB crossovers, will remain amidst the drastic cutback of Mercedes’ roster of vehicles.

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