Military F-150: Autonomous Driving Tested

Future Military Reconnaissance Tech

Kodiak Robotics has engineered an autonomous Ford F-150 for the Department of Defense. Through extensive design processes, this pickup truck is constructed to face intricate armed forces situations as well as various working circumstances. Furthermore, it will have to be prepared to traverse areas lacking strong GPS reception while enduring mud, dust, pebbles and water.

The F-150 has been provided with the Kodiak Driver system, boasting all the requisite hardware and software to allow for a self-driving experience. On top of this, the setup also provides for remote control capability when desired.

It’s not uncommon to take a civilian vehicle and repurpose it for military use, as GM Defense has already created a military version of the Hummer EV.

A new vehicle for the Kodiak Driver

Particulars regarding the autonomous equipment utilized by Kodiak remain largely a mystery, yet they recently divulged their conception of a fresh vehicle platform that was established in no more than half a year; an impressive accomplishment.

Hardware updates encompass Kodiak DefensePods, an adjusted variation of the corporation’s interchanging Sensorpods. These pods have a variety of potent cameras, LiDAR sensors, and radar systems that successfully form a virtual landscape for the truck for navigating.

These DefensePods can be quickly swapped out in the field within 10 minutes or less by an operator who does not need any specialized instruction.

In December of 2022, Kodiak attained a lucrative two-year agreement worth fifty million dollars from the Department of Defense. As part of this deal, they had to construct a self-navigating autonomous vehicle to meet the standards required by the U.S Army’s Product Manager Robotic Combat Vehicle program.

Adhering to the Software Acquisition Pathways approach, the department aimed to purchase hardware and software solutions separately, guaranteeing the ideal combination would be achieved for their continuing modernization. In the framework of this program, two self-driving Ford F-150s were designed and provided by the robotics business.

Kodiak initiated attempting out the self-driving car on an American military base in November of 2023. After the assessment stage is fulfilled, the robotics firm will install its framework into a uniquely designed ground reconnaissance vehicle.

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