Modernized Ford Escort Cosworth Makeover

New Ford Escort Cosworth Created by Digital Artist Rostislav Prokop.

Could the Ford Escort Cosworth make a return in 2023? Our inventive digital livery specialist, Rostislav Prokop, has rendered an amazing vision of this historic sports car that could be suitable for the 21st century. Infusing some modern Ford design techniques while keeping some of the hallmarks of the original Escort Cosworth, this exciting concept car is hard to ignore.

We can identify a number of classic cues from the state-of-the-art Mustang up front in this new Cosworth creation. The headlamp configuration and the shape of the grill are the most striking features; however, the grill has been re-scaled to fit the differing framework of the Cosworth.

The overall look of the nose, nevertheless, is quite iconic, featuring swerves and contours akin to the original Escort Cosworth. Additions like LED illuminations and a roomy grille situated in the center of the bonnet provide it a unique touch. It remains true to its origins with the side vents on the hood staying untouched.

The unmistakable profile of the iconic Escort Cosworth could potentially never be forgotten, all thanks to its standout backside. Replicated in the rendering, Prokop has maintained the classic single strut support of the rear wing. Even with the signature shape kept intact, the design itself has seen substantial modernization that transitions it beyond the original characteristics of the Cosworth. All these changes serve to complement the Escort Cosworth depiction overall, but especially its rear, which is situated above the rear window for perfect respect and deference.

In order to save weight and show respect to the original Ford Escort Cosworth’s turbo four-cylinder motor, the current EcoBoost engine from the recent Ford Focus RS should suffice. This would be a substantial rise compared to the earlier one, providing 350 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque.

Prokop has bestowed his vehicle with enhanced LED taillights, presenting a unified beam gracing the tailgate. In addition, he has added a new exhaust system and a conspicuous diffuser underneath the rear. Moreover, the rear showcases the striking wheel design that was applied to the car. Also obvious is the sizeable swell in the doors enclosing a vent for optimal side border airflow around the Ford.

Prokop’s design undeniably updates the Escort in an enticing manner whilst maintaining the best qualities from its precedent. It is our hope that those within Ford gain some thought-provoking inspiration by gazing upon this new creation.

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