Next Gen Mitsubishi Triton Rally Ready for Asia Cross Country

Team Retains Prior Victory, Lineup Unchanged

Mitsubishi Motors declared during this week that Team Ralliart will partake in the Asia Cross Country Rally on August 2023. The team earned a general win during last year’s occasion and will once again be headed by Hiroshi Masuoka, an ex two-time successive Dakar Rally champion motorist. Additionally rejoining are drivers Chayapon Yotha from Thailand, Rifat Sungkar of Indonesia, who will be accompanied by Katsuhiko Taguchi from Japan.

This year, Ralliart will be striving to secure their second victory as they command the Mitsubishi Triton Group T1 prototype off-road vehicles. These newly-developed trucks have seen a complete remodel in the form of a newly-fashioned body, framework, undercarriage and powerplant. The durability and reliability of these motor vehicles have been certified after going through even the harshest of tests and amendments made prior to the real competition.

“The all-new Triton has shown immense strength from the start,” Masuoka stated. “We have pushed it even further in its handling performance, stability on rough roads, and ride comfort to make it a competitive rally car. After conducting an endurance test with a tougher course than what is typically seen in a rally, we have been pleasantly surprised by the results, giving us the assurance we need to strive for a second consecutive championship.”

The Asian Cross Country Rally of 2023 is to be kicked off ceremonially on Sunday, August 13th, in the city of Pattaya, Thailand. The actual race then starts the next day, with cars competing east approximately near the Cambodian boundary, and driving into Laos on Thursday of the 17th, heading eventually for the climax at the end line on Saturday, the 19th. Through the competition, racers will manage a total of around 2,000km (1,242 miles) containing over 1,000km of distinct rally tracks.

This current year’s competition promises an extensive selection of terrains, featuring mountainous sections, wooded regions, slippery paths, and stream crossings. The tricky course is anticipated to assess the driving ability and toughness of the rally vehicles. To make the competition more difficult, it will be taking place during August, a period with heavy rain in Thailand; as a result, the mucky conditions are expected to be much more rigorous than last year.

On the 26th of July, a brand-new Mitsubishi Triton L200 will be unveiled in Thailand right before the Asia Cross Country Rally. Last year, while prototypes were found being tested in The United States, people started to conjecture that this SUV could perhaps surface either as the newest Dodge Dakota variant or as another installation to Mitsubishi’s auto family.

Source: Mitsubishi Motors

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