Poland’s Quickest: AWD Camaro

2,000 HP 4WD Camaro: No-Prep Passes Made Quick.

The renowned YouTube station, 1320video, heads back to the popular Santa Pod Raceway in England for a special mission; releasement of a beloved classic vehicle and reclaiming its previous highest record here.

It’s always entertaining to observe a Chevrolet Camaro turning every one of its four tires. The popular adage implies that “Good stuff comes in threes”, but with this vehicle, there is four good qualities.

Two turbochargers and two further driven tyres confer it the features of a drag strip victor, however, its four wheel drive facility is actually necessary to be able to accomplish any admirable effort in its homeland Poland. Let’s explore how this newly adapted design functions as numerous passes are made.

This 1968 Camaro with ALL WHEEL DRIVE is INSANE (2,000HP Twin Turbo V8)

We’ve already come across Camaros with twin turbochargers and even some models running on diesel smoke, however, the all-wheel drive Camaro is still quite unorthodox. Its Polish owner decided to take his much-loved classic back to the Santa Pod strip with a brand new twin-turbo system and gearbox, and, just for good measure, also equipping it with nitrous.

As evidenced, this small-engine drag racer is demonstrating to be the quickest quarter miler in Poland, with the driver currently obtaining a whopping 7.5-second time at the track. The car contains an AWD transmission that was custom-made since it’s difficult getting down its 2,000 hp owing to the irregular terrain of the driver’s native country. What’s more, the automobile is fitted with TH400 gears and boasts twin 88mm turbochargers!

In the video, the apparatus runs mainly at a slow rate of 8 seconds while the people get the car adjusted, unfortunately not succeeding in their purpose to accomplish a 7.4-second run.

The merriment and playtime ceases abruptly when an apparent malfunction in the back differential is noticed. Through procuring fresh components, it will be acquirable to compete again; as they gradually but surely bring it close to its peak performance, this could aid them in eventually smashing through the 7.4-second quarter mile lap.

By the year 2023, the 1968 Chevrolet Camaro is estimated to have an average price of $23,700 for the basic version that comes with a 5.4-liter, 210 hp V8 engine, as reported by Hagerty. Meanwhile, a four-barrel variant, delivering 275 horsepower, is worth 76% percent more, at approximately $31,400. Moreover, according to Classic.com, auction prices from the past five years are listed at an average of nearly $60,000 from 581 sales.

Irregardless of the quarter mile statistics it was able to generate this go round, this all-wheelpower classic auto is a superb representation of how conditions encountered in the actual world can have an immediate influence on drivetrain preference. Being that Poland’s problematic and frequently filthy airstrips necessitated four powered wheels on this Camaro, and thus it gripped onto the surfaced highway like glue.

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