Quickly Haul Bikes With a Tesla Cybertruck.

Truck Bed and Brake Light: No Bike Rack!

Reports have recently circulated online, thanks to the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, demonstrating Tesla’s highly anticipated electric pick-up carrying a remarkable four bicycles in its bed. Now, just what does that tell us with regards to the size of the loading bay? Let’s have a closer look.

At first oust, I just must say that the four bikes were not completely arranged in the Cybertruck’s bed, rather suspended on a post-market bike holder from Dakine, which was obstructing the pickup truck’s third brake light – something that certainly isn’t satisfactory.

Rivian made remarkable progress with its tailored tailgate pad that features a semi-transparent screen. Through this, the extensive red lighting belt is not cloaked and can be viewed by other automobiles driving behind.

Storage in the bed has been a major point of inquiry as of late, with speculated specifications being announced—yet lacking the detailed information pertaining to the size. Nonetheless, thanks to several of Elon Musk’s public statements, we do know that the Cybertruck should have an expansive bed exceeding six feet in length.

By contrast, the bed in the Rivian R1T measures 4.5 ft in length. Nonetheless, after examining the Cybertruck and the R1T alongside one another while transporting bikes, their sizes appear to be quite alike.

No doubt, the two trucks likely have varying types of bicycles housed in them, yet there is very little evidence to suggest that the bed of the Cybertruck is a foot and a half longer than that of the R1T. Still, we can be certain it can fit four bikes, plenty enough for an exciting day spent off roading.

Many have argued that it could be possible to fit an extra bicycle in the already exuberant storage capacity of the Cybertruck. Furthermore, Tesla’s truck also has under-bed storage and power outlets found at the back, granting excellent potential for those who use their vehicle for employment purposes. While it may not approach the quantity of eight outlets included on the Ford F-150 Lightning, there is still a present option.

Once the highly expected distribution occurrence on November 30 has occurred, we should comprehend more regarding the daring electric pickup, including its exact estimations and details.

In the meantime though, let us be aware of what you reckon in the comment section- do you consider the Cybertruck to be a suitable work/leisure truck?


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