Rare Opportunity: Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar #275 Up for Sale!

Possible title: AMG One: Unavailable in the States, but a Possibility for US Buyers!

The car also comes with personalized AMG One luggageA top-tier dealership in Dubai currently has a Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar available for purchase. This exclusive vehicle is one of only 275 units manufactured by skilled artisans in Affalterbach. Its sleek black exterior adds to its menacing aura, and it showcases the iconic three-pointed star emblem on the doors, rear fenders, and rear fascia. As an added bonus, the car includes customized AMG One luggage.

Sleek ten-spoke wheels, featuring aerodynamic design, are painted in a sleek black with subtle turquoise accents mirroring the unique color scheme of the body. The structure of the car’s frame is crafted using durable carbon fiber monocoque construction, striking a balance between lightweight and sturdy. Driving the AMG One on complex racetracks is an unparalleled experience, thanks to its agile handling and impressive durability.

An impressive 1.6-liter turbo V6 engine, coupled with four electric motors, generates a total of 1,049 horsepower – nearly double what you’d find in an SL 63 model. It boasts a top speed of 220 mph and can go from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.9 seconds. However, the AMG One goes beyond just its exceptional acceleration. Its true essence is revealed on winding roads and corners.The AMG One machine packs a powerful punch, courtesy of its 1.6-liter turbo V6 engine, which is supported by four electric motors. This dynamic combination produces an astonishing 1,049 horsepower – twice as much as that of an SL 63. With a top speed of 220 mph and a quick 0-62 mph time of 2.9 seconds, this car is truly impressive. However, it’s not all about straight-line speed for the AMG One. It truly shines when navigating through challenging bends and turns.

Despite its incredible performance, the AMG One was never made available for sale in the United States due to noncompliance with local regulations. Mercedes made the decision not to alter the car’s performance in order to meet these criteria. However, for those who are determined to own this exceptional creation by AMG, it may be possible to import it into the country under the stipulations of the Show and Display rule.

Typically, car lovers must endure a waiting period of 25 years or more before they can bring their coveted vehicles into the United States. Yet, due to Bill Gates’ perseverance and deep affection for the Porsche 959, there are special allowances made for exceptional automobiles.

In this scenario, the importation of up to 500 vehicles that were never offered in the USA would be permissible under certain circumstances, as per the regulations set by the Department of Transport. There are specific criteria that must be met, however. Firstly, the car must be considered rare and not currently in production. Additionally, it must meet EPA standards and have an annual mileage limit of 2,500 miles. Moreover, it must possess evidence of historical or technical significance; for example, a roadcar equipped with an F1 engine would likely qualify.

This is ideal for the Mercedes-AMG One and any potential enthusiast who deeply desires to own one. However, it is noteworthy that the AMG One does not appear on the NHTSA’s current list of eligible show or display vehicles. Other qualifying Mercedes models consist of the CLK DTM, Maybach G650 Landaulet, CLK GTR, and SLR 722S.

For those with a love for luxury, there is no need to worry. It is highly likely that the AMG One will still be approved, as it doesn’t seem to be included in the NHTSA’s list of disallowed vehicles. However, it is important to note that production may still be ongoing, though with only 275 units planned, it is safe to assume that it won’t be much longer.

If you have a keen interest, the ultimate AMG is currently up for grabs at F1rst Motors in Dubai. As can be expected, the cost is undisclosed, thus we can only assume that it comes with an impressive price tag. Considering its previous sales at approximately $2.7 million each, it would not be surprising if this particular model carries a premium. After all, it possesses 0 miles on its odometer and is in pristine, brand-new condition.

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