Discover 10 more deserted race circuits using Google Earth.

A mix of road courses, ovals, and superspeedways showcase varying levels of readiness for action.

In February, we requested assistance in locating race tracks that have been forgotten over time. The response was overwhelming, with numerous tips flooding our email in the subsequent days. We now have 10 additional tracks to reveal, each with a fascinating story to tell.

Our most recent discoveries include expansive road circuits, intimate circle tracks on Saturday nights in small towns, and even a massive superspeedway captured by Google satellites before and during its demolition. This ranks as one of the most fascinating (and possibly melancholic) race track images on Google Earth to date.

There are still numerous racetracks waiting to be uncovered, so continue to send us your suggestions through email and comments! Whether they are located in the United States, Canada, or anywhere else around the globe, we are eager to receive your recommendations. With that being said, let’s kick off our third virtual road trip exploring Google racetracks.

Track: Greenwood RoadwayLocation: Indianola, IowaCoordinates: 41°15’08″N 93°29’33″W Rewrite:Track: Greenwood RoadwaySituated in Indianola, Iowa, the track boasts coordinates of 41°15’08″N 93°29’33″W.

A suggestion from Motor1 reader Dennis led us to discover what seems like a dormant racing track. Located in south-central Iowa, this 3.0-mile, 16-turn road course was once hidden away in a remote area. According to, it operated from 1963 to 1967 and its secluded setting played a role in its eventual closure. Low spectator turnout and maintenance problems also played a part in its downfall, and now the site is utilized for training purposes with heavy equipment. Despite its physical disappearance, Greenwood Roadway lives on in the virtual world through games like rFactor and Assetto Corsa.

Motordrome 70 Speedway is a racetrack located in Smithton, Pennsylvania at coordinates 40°10’30″N 79°43’30″W.

This 0.5-mile oval originally opened as a dirt track in 1972 before being designated as a NASCAR track in 1989. Speedway and Road Race History documents its transformation into a paved surface around that time. A reader named Tom, who provided this information, mentioned that attendance declined after the track was paved. Based on Google’s images, the track appears to be well-maintained, with its entrance clearly visible in street view. Despite this, Tom informed us that the track has been shut down for multiple years and is now utilized by a company specializing in sound barriers.

Illiana Motor Speedway is situated in Schererville, Indiana at coordinates 41°28’35″N 87°25’17″W. The track is known for hosting thrilling races and events.

Located just 35 miles away from Chicago lies the remnants of Illiana Motor Speedway, a racing circuit that operated for almost seven decades, featuring both dirt and paved tracks. A reader named John, who used to compete as a race car driver in the 1970s and 1980s, shared his memories of racing at this venue. His son also took part in races at Illiana before it shut down in 2016. The Associated Press reported that the town of Schererville acquired the speedway with intentions to demolish it and redevelop the area. By 2021, the structures and seating sections had been dismantled, but the asphalt racing surface remained untouched. As of 2023, discussions about the future use of the land were still ongoing, leaving the current condition of the track uncertain.

Track: Bridgehampton Race CircuitLocation: Sag Harbor, New YorkCoordinates: 40°58’41″N 72°20’03″WThe Bridgehampton Race Circuit is located in Sag Harbor, New York, at coordinates 40°58’41″N 72°20’03″W.

Formerly a vibrant 12-turn, 2.8-mile track, the Bridgehampton Race Circuit is now home to a golf course. Back in 1957, it officially opened its doors and welcomed various events such as Can-Am races, the World Sportscar Championship, and NASCAR. An online platform dedicated to the circuit recounts stories of Mario Andretti giving Paul Newman thrilling rides in a Mustang. Shutting down in 1999, the golf course now resides where the track once thrived. While the current layout vaguely resembles the original track, our image comparison tool showcases the original design. A big thank you to Michael for sharing this unique piece of racing history with us.

Bluegrass Motorsports Park, located in Napoleon, Kentucky at coordinates 38°45’45″N 84°47’55″W, is a popular racing track.

Is it accurate to call a track abandoned if it was never officially completed? That’s the tale of Bluegrass Motorsports Park, which began construction in 2008. Despite never being fully paved, there is still an active Facebook page for this road course, envisioned by Derek Daly, a well-known figure from Formula 1. Estimated at 2.5 miles long in a video by GraySpeed Productions, the track appears impressive on Google Maps, yet the final surfacing work was never carried out. As construction coincided with the severe economic downturn of 2009-2010, funding for the project reportedly dwindled. As per informant Dave, the track is presently under private ownership and off-limits to the public.

Roseburg Speedway, located in Green, Oregon, can be found at coordinates 43°09’34″N 123°21’41″W.

Even a small oval track that operated briefly deserves a moment of recognition. Such is the case with Roseburg Speedway, situated in the midst of the trees in southwest Oregon. Hans, who visited the track as a child to witness the races, shared this intriguing tip with us. He recalls it as a perilous place, lacking adequate protection for spectators, and remembers a car veering into the stands at one point. Although Hans recalls this incident taking place in the late 1960s, a Facebook page suggests that the oval was only operational from 1963 to 1964. Regardless of its short existence, the legacy of Roseburg Speedway endures through the faint silhouette of trees marking the area where the track once stood.

Dayton Speedway, located in Dayton, Ohio at coordinates 39°43’19″N 84°15’14″W, is a popular track for racing enthusiasts.

Locating details about this oval track spanning half a mile proved to be somewhat challenging. A suggestion from Doug pointed us in the right direction, and an article from the Dayton Daily News provided additional information. The track was established in 1934, measuring slightly more than half a mile at 5/8 and was renowned for its high speeds. Noteworthy drivers like Richard Petty and A.J. Foyt raced on this track, which experienced intermittent closures in the 1970s before permanently shutting down in 1982. Unfortunately, it was later converted into a landfill, yet remnants of the original track are still visible from an aerial perspective.

Raceway: Lynndale Farms RacewaySite: Pewaukee, WisconsinGPS Coordinates: 43°06’29″N 88°18’08″W

If you resided in a housing development built on what was once a 2.5-mile, 13-turn racetrack, would you be able to resist the temptation to step on the accelerator near all the houses? Lynndale Farms is a charming neighborhood with streets that closely trace a significant portion of the former track layout. If you examine the right upper corner of the picture, a section of the original pavement can still be seen. According to, this track operated only from 1963 to 1967 before closing due to a mix of harsh Wisconsin weather and complaints about noise from local residents. Thanks to John for sharing this fascinating track discovery.

The road racing course at Wilmot Hills in Wilmot, Wisconsin can be found at coordinates 42°29’54″N 88°11’03″W.

A journey to Wisconsin may be necessary to explore the historic racetracks from the past. Nestled near Wilmot Mountain ski resort lies a compact 1-mile circuit that thrived during the 1950s and 1960s. According to Barcboys, it was a popular venue back then, hosting driver schools and SCCA races. Although it ceased operations in 1967, Motor1 reader Joe reveals that not much has altered since its closure. Remarkably, the structures remain intact, preserving the track’s nostalgic charm.

Track: Texas World SpeedwayLocation: College Station, TexasCoordinates: 30°32’15″N 96°13’11″WThe Texas World Speedway is situated in College Station, Texas, with coordinates of 30°32’15″N 96°13’11″W.

The remnants of Texas World Speedway are clearly visible from an aerial view. Measuring two miles long, it once served as a notable superspeedway where NASCAR, IMSA, and various other major racing series took place. Additionally, the location featured a 2.9-mile road circuit, although RacingCircuits noted that weather conditions frequently disrupted events at the facility. Over time, the track deteriorated, leading to NASCAR removing it from their schedule in the 1980s. Despite this, teams would sporadically use the track for testing purposes. A source named Michael informed us that the track permanently closed its doors in 2017.

With the land now designated for housing, Texas World Speedway ceased to exist by 2024. Nevertheless, a compelling image from Google Earth displays the track from two distinct eras, revealing the remnants of the original pavement intertwined with mounds of soil from the redevelopment. It marks a poignant conclusion to one of the scarce superspeedways ever constructed.

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