Record-Breaking Rotary Time Attack: Custom Mazda RX-7 Takes the Track by Storm

Japan’s Tomiyoshi Racing delivers build to owner Shinichi Miyashita.

The Mazda RX-7 FD3S is renowned for its remarkable rotary engine capabilities and lightweight design, making it a top contender for a time attack vehicle. With this in mind, Tomiyoshi Racing in Japan acquired one and their result is possibly one of the most daring builds in its class.

The proud owner of this RX-7 is none other than Shinichi Miyashita, and his impressive build has achieved record-breaking success for rotary engines at the prestigious Autopolis Circuit in Japan. This incredible feat was officially acknowledged in March 2023, when Miyashita confidently steered his car to a blazing time of 1:53.2 on the track. The secret weapon under the hood is a finely-tuned 13B engine with an impressive 20 psi of boost, propelling the car to reach a top speed of 155 mph on well-worn Yokohama A050 tires.

Tomiyoshi Racing Shop Visit - Miyashita's FD3S - Kyushu's Fastest RX7?

The customized RX-7 project showcases a striking two-tone aesthetic with a large lip and canards on the front bumper. The bonnet is distinguished by several carbon fiber air intakes, designed to effectively regulate the temperature of the powerful rotary motor. Sadly, in recent times, Mazda has shifted away from producing rotary engines solely for its MX-30 model as a means of extending its range.

Shifting our attention to the car’s exterior, we can see the inclusion of six-spoke Volk Racing wheels, while the front and rear are equipped with AP Racing Pro 5000 and Brembo brakes, respectively. Certainly, the striking feature of the exterior is the large wing at the back, but its effectiveness is owed in part to the equally aggressive design of the front splitter, which helps generate downforce.

When it comes to the interior, the cabin has been entirely stripped down to reduce weight. The interior features cater to a more race-centric design, such as a roll cage, a single Recaro seat equipped with a Takata safety harness, and an OMP steering wheel adorned with carbon fiber paddle shifters for the car’s sequential transmission.

According to recent news, Narita Dogfight has announced that they will be revealing further details about the highly anticipated Mazda RX-7 build in the upcoming third installment of 80R. This new volume is expected to hit the shelves within the next “week or two.” Fans and enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting this release, as it promises to shed light on the much-awaited project.Furthermore, there is high anticipation for Miyashita’s performance at the Autopolis Circuit, as he looks to improve upon his previous lap time. Unfortunately, his session was cut short last year due to a wiring issue. However, with the team’s dedication and hard work, they are determined to overcome this setback and achieve better results this time around. The upcoming volume of 80R is sure to provide more insight into their progress and strategies for the upcoming race.

For now, we are graced with stunning creations at the Tomiyoshi Racing workshop, as evident in the accompanying video, such as a Lotus Elise outfitted with a Honda K motor.The Tomiyoshi Racing facility never fails to impress with their impeccable vehicle constructions, as showcased in the footage below. One stand-out project that caught our attention is a Honda K engine transplant into a Lotus Elise.

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