Removing 20 Parts to Change Oil on a GT Mustang

No Access Door on Bottom Engine Cover

Picture it: You eventually earn some road miles in your all-new 2024 Ford Mustang GT. Instead of going to the shop for an oil modification, however, you decide to handle it on your own since you are an independent person. You lay out your ramps, get equipped with your bucket, and then slide beneath the car toward the sealed panel th

For the 2024 Ford Mustang, there is no entryway to get to the oil-drain plug. That reality gets evident in a current video from Late Model Restoration, an organization that centers around all things Mustang from the Fox epoch onward. The fragment is a direct instructional exercise on exchanging the oil– a support thing that numerous proprietors of execution vehicles like manage themselves. At the beginning of this cut, things look very much the same as any individual who’sjpb tightened up a sixth-gen S550, remember the tremendous spread underneath the motor.

However, we soon come to find out that the modern Mustang GT does not come with an opening to access the oil filter that the previous model had. The cover is secured in customer via 15 screws and five plastic clips, adhering it firmly in place. Whilst the unattachment of it isn’t hard, without a powered tool at your disposal, it can take some time. On top of that, if you don’t have a platform for extra reach, changing the oil can be an inconvenient chore.

The video takes us through the entire oil change process, which is normal once the cover is out of the way. However, when it comes to putting it back, it isn’t as straightforward as taking it off. The front of the cover seems to be resistant to slotting into position, prompting the video host to express his annoyance at the “annoyingly tricky” process.

“2025 model year won’t be the same, mark my words,” insists the automotive enthusiast in the video. “It will have a trap door for the oil. I’m calling it now. Ford, if you’re watching this video, you need to make it happen.”

It is safe to say that it is safe to assume Ford is paying attention to the video posted, as well as other similar YouTube soundtracks depicting dissatisfaction from 2024 Mustang GT holders. This prompts us to put the ball in Ford’s court and see how they will act.

Source: Late Model Restoration / YouTube

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