Ride Along in Wet Goodwood Hill Climb with Mercedes-AMG One

Amazing V6 Sound Quality
Driving Mercedes AMG ONE on Goodwood Hill Climb with Bugatti Bolide, Koenigsegg Jesko, Ferrari Fxx-k

A sly AMG One was present at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed and attempted the course in each direction on a wet road. Five-time DTM champion and AMG label ambassador Bernd Schneider steered while vlogger Rana rode alongside. In case that isn’t recognizable, he is an enthusiastic accumulator of most excellent motorcars – and unsurprisingly, is one of the 275-persons to acquire the F1-energized hypercar.

One can observe the AMG One in certain prestigious company, commencing with a Lamborghini Revuelto and a model 2024 AMG GT Coupe that experienced a slight glitch. The matte black hybrid supercar produces an undeniably magnificent sound – particularly in competition mode – despite housing a relatively diminutive 1.6-liter V6. Of course, this isn’t merely any traditional six-cylinder motor but rather one upgraded from Formula 1 engineering, boasting an 11,000 rpm redline and producing an audible growl even when idling at 1,250 rpm.

The engineers had a challenging task in their hands, as they were tasked to substantially reduce the 5,000 rpm idle speed of the F1 engine to fulfill environmental policies. Also conspicuous were the quick gear shifts, generated by a recently introduced automated seven-speed manual transmission with a four-disc carbon automotive clutch. The small Goodwood circuit is not exactly ideal to unleash the maximum potential of the AMG One, yet even at slow velocities, Mercedes’ top flight performance vehicle turns out to be an unruly creature.

The view out the windshield must be quite special when the active aero is doing its work, with the louvers protruding from the front fenders. As there is no rear window, Mercedes installed a camera on the back bumper, just above the license plate, which is connected to a digital rearview mirror. Inside the cabin, two more screens are visible – a digital instrument cluster and an infotainment system – with surprisingly wide frames for a hypercar built in 2023. That steering “wheel” looks like it was taken straight from Lewis Hamilton’s car, and we can see Bernd Schneider taking full advantage of the shift paddles.

The fastest production automobile to circumnavigate the Nürburgring, the AMG One, is the singular occasion Mercedes will adapt a Formula 1 engine for an everyday vehicle. Subsequent iterations have been disallowed due to increasingly stringent emissions laws complicating it for engineers to manipulate the engine and furnish a roadworthy result. Reaching success with the AMG One was already an arduous process; with Euro 7 levels seemingly imminent, they won’t embark on such a pursuit in the future.

Source: Rana65556 / YouTube

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