Rivian R1T Tonneau Redesign: Revamped Features

Retracting Slower but Withstanding Sand and Grit Better

The vigorous tonneau cover for the Rivian R1T is now here, and we can observe one in person. The freshly restructured roof, which underwent scrutiny for excellence several months rearward, is eventually ready for set-up. So, has Rivian lastly accomplished its aim?

A video posted on the Rivian Forums recently made its way online, whereby one customer’s R1T powered canopy was put into service from a Denver service center. Reports are that the technician cycled the cover mechanism twenty times without any indication of failure, proving it could endure a stress test where sand was poured over it before operating; closing and then opening again.

In spite of that, there are still complications, which can vary in degree depending on perspective.

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Similar to its predecessor, the Tesla Cybertruck still operates with only one motor. Consequently, the retractable mechanism remains slow and makes the familiar sound as before. Perhaps the powered tonneau cover on the Tesla Cybertruck is a little speedier, and within an industry where every miniscule advantage can be essential, duking it out with cards of performance and specs doesn’t go unnoticed.

Members in other Rivian forums noticed that the label had stayed with its initial twin-walled slats, which are bulky. The redefined cover is supplied with an advanced spring assembly to stop misalignment for the tonneau units, stronger gearing, and an exclusive autonomous cleaning system.

An enquiry emerged inquiring into the durability of its water-resistance. Regrettably, the original social media user stated that water droplets could still find their way into the bed compartment despite having the cover shut.

As expected, those who had previously purchased a cover and have not made any adjustments to their builds will acquire the revised model for free. The Rivian website states that the substitution will be given gratis if the electric vehicle is still within the New Vehicle Limited Warranty span. This encompasses up to 5 years or 60,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Thus, unless you have been on a voyage around the planet, you ought to still be qualified.

Ultimately, Rivian’s incorporation of the newly redesigned power tonneau cover will be phased in gradually. The service center in Denver aims to make 400 installations, however, we do not have figures from other centers. That being said, over 6500 vehicles were delivered during the Q3 of 2022; if even 25% of this amount had the updated tonneau cover, it could take some time until every owner is taken care of.

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