Rivian Reigns as America’s Favorite Car Brand: Study

86% of Rivian Owners Would Choose Brand’s EVs Again, Per Consumer Reports

According to Consumers Reports, Rivian is the top favored car brand. Research findings indicate that a significant 86% of Rivian owners are open to purchasing another electric vehicle (EV) from this brand.

When discussing the most popular car brand, Consumer Reports relies on its owner satisfaction survey findings. These findings were taken from the 2023 Annual Auto Surveys, which included over 330,000 vehicles ranging from models of 2021 to 2023, as well as a select few 2024 models.

Rivian leads the pack, followed closely by Mini, which has leapt an impressive 11 positions to claim the second spot on the list. Its parent company BMW secures third place. Porsche, Tesla, Genesis, Lexus, Subaru, Ram, and Honda round out the top ten, with Toyota surprisingly falling back in the rankings to the twelfth position. Despite being a top seller in the market and renowned for its dependability, only 69% of Toyota owners expressed interest in purchasing another vehicle from the brand.

Consumer Reports conducted a study that focused on five distinct areas: comfort, driving experience, cabin storage, usability, and ownership expenses. Rivian was found to be one of the top-performing brands in terms of comfort, driving experience, cabin storage, and ownership expenses. However, it did not excel in the category of usability. The EV manufacturer, based in California, is addressing this concern through over-the-air updates. These updates include resolving an issue with a defective infotainment screen that was observed in late 2023.

On the other hand, the top five most disliked car brands on the list are Infiniti, Volkswagen, Nissan, Jeep, and Audi. Volkswagen, in particular, scored poorly in both driving performance and user-friendliness. This may be attributed to the notoriety of its cars’ touch-sensitive buttons. Nevertheless, the company is actively taking steps to rectify this problem.

It should be noted that there are certain car manufacturers whose few models may receive high rankings, but the rest of their selection falls short. In order to make it to the top of this list, they must maintain a consistent level of quality across their entire range of models.

At present, Rivian offers the R1T and the R1S for sale. The R1T is an electric pickup truck that directly vies with the Ford F-150 Lightning, although it caters more towards the high-end segment of the market. On the other hand, the R1S is a full-size electric SUV. It has been reported that the company is planning to introduce a compact electric SUV named the R2, which will likely compete with the popular Tesla Model Y.

Similar to the R1T and R1S, we can only anticipate that the R2 will garner a positive response from consumers. This fresh compact electric SUV may make its debut at an exclusive event held in Laguna Beach, California, during the month of March.

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