Rivian Uses Electric Van as Service Vehicle

200 RSV’s in Mobile Fleet by Year-End

Rivian has commenced rolling out the wide commercial vans they construct for Amazon, as mobile maintenance vehicles for their ever-expanding number of residential and business cars.

By virtue of possessing 500 cubic feet of cargo capacity, Rivian’s Electric Delivery Vehicle (EDV) – commonly referred to as the ‘Rivian Service Van’ – is considerably more fitting for assignments than the R1T pickup which the company had previously been using for minor services in the field.

Due to its impressive capacity for transporting more massive and bulky objects, the van is conveniently modifiable for almost any demand in terms of mobile services, including alteration of tires and rims.

“Each van is outfitted with a wheel balancer, an automated tire changer, an air compressor, a hydraulic jack with stands, and modular shelving that contains the parts and tools required to complete 80 percent of all labor codes,” Rivian declared in a press release announcing the launch. “In addition, each van has a dedicated 240v outlet for vehicle-to-vehicle charging.”

Rivian anticipates to possess exceeding two hundred RSV vans within its roaming service lineup by the conclusion of this year, versus approximately one hundred R1T servicing trucks.

The corporation contends that their cars furnish upkeep, fixing, transport-to-transportative charging, and sundry other mobile amenities for more than 35,000 Rivian automobiles.

Unlike traditional automakers who use retailers to vend and attend to their rides, Rivian deals directly with the buyers and has only restricted physical maintenance outlets. This is why on-the-go assistance is essential to guarantee a satisfying ownership experience.

Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe recently revealed in an Instagram video post that the company is constructing a comprehensive service network. “We have about 35 physical service locations at present,” he said, “but a large portion of service is actually being provided by mobile service vans and mobile service trucks.”

In the video, Scaringe displayed one of the RSV vans, which is white and sports graphics inspired by nature on its back panel. He ordained that the cabins of the vehicles can be modified with diverse service paraphernalia for various requirements.

Rivian manufactures the electric vans at its manufacturing facility situated in Normal, IL, which is also where its R1T pickup and R1S SUV are developed. Aside from this, they also appear to be hoping to find more business clients than just Amazon for their electric delivery van; as an approach to this, there are reports that denote they are attempting to terminate the singularity agreement of the electric van contract they have with the web-retailing behemoth.

Source: Rivian via Automotive News

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