Stellantis Charges Up US EV Market Despite No EVs

EV Launch in North America Awaited by Automaker

Stellantis has presented its fresh introduction for electric vehicle (EV) proprietors: the Free2move Charge. This thorough system strives to give EV owners with expedient charging and power administration options, meeting their necessities at home, in the workplace, and socially. Unveiling the Free2move Charge lines up with Stellantis’ Dare Forward 2030 plan, which aims to push forward electrification and sustainability.

The rollout of the service has started in North America, with Europe and other countries to come afterward. The only snag is that Stellantis has yet to put on the market battery-powered electric vehicles in the United States.

A major facet of Free2move Charge is the e-ABC Vow, which translates to Easily eVerCharged. It promises EV owners that their cars will consistently be fuelled up guaranteeing the three principal elements: Domicile, Away, and Workplace.

Free2move Charge Home offers customers support with the installment, funding, and assurance of domestic charging hardware and various energy-related amenities and services. Additionally, Free2move Charge Go simplifies access to a network of public charging facilities via affiliation in dissimilar parts of the world.

Regarding alliances, Stellantis announced its contemplation of an accord with Tesla to take advantage of the 12,000 Superchargers spread throughout North America; however, a decisive conclusion is still pending.

At the same time, Free2move Charge Business is devoted to meeting business requirements for fleets, among which are immediate help, computed cost projections, and the finest charging system configuration.

Free2move Charge is linked up with the Stellantis Energy Cloud, smartphone applications, and STLA’s forthcoming SmartCockpit platform to lend succour to upcoming electric vehicles from the marque.

Despite the absence of any all-electric models on its US lineup, Stellantis still makes available plug-in hybrids like the Jeep Wrangler 4xe and the Grand Cherokee 4xe. While it’s unclear if the company’s recent launch of its Free2Move Charge facility will align with these cars, the news release did not expressly state this.

Indeed, Stellantis is readying to offer its Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) to American purchasers shortly. The Charger Daytona SRT electric muscle vehicle furnishes the production version anticipated in 2024, alongside the Recon electronic off-roader. Furthermore, the Ram 1500 EV symbolizes Stellantis’s response to the electrical truck market.

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