Toyota FJ Cruiser Revival? Land Cruiser FJ App.

Toyota Trademarking ‘Land Cruiser FJ’, New Model?

The clamour from enthusiasts of Toyota who crave excitement has been loud for the automaker to bring back one of its iconic off-road SUVs – the FJ Cruiser. It appears that Toyota could’ve addressed the outcry and might have plans to revive the FJ Cruiser. A member of the Land Cruiser Forum marked a significant development when they disclosed that Toyota had applied to trademark the name’Land Cruiser FJ’ in Japan recently.

Whilst this application for a trademark doesn’t in itself guarantee that Toyota will ultimately utilise the ‘Land Cruiser FJ’, there is some justification to suppose the Japanese car maker indeed could. Not only does this patent application prohibit other businesses or individuals from using the name, it provides Toyota with exclusive privilege to employ the expression for a specific passage of time. In Japan the tenure of trademark entitlement lasts for ten years from the date of registration, which can be extended every 10 years.

As Simon Humphries, Toyota’s Chief Branding Officer finished his presentation of the 2024 Land Cruiser last August 2023, two unknown SUVs were unveiled. One silhouette had proportions comparable to the FJ Cruiser, potentially signalling Toyota’s intention to release a smaller SUV in the near future. Now that the ‘Land Cruiser FJ’ name has been trademarked by the Japanese carmaker, rumours have begun to circulate of a pint-sized Land Cruiser featuring similar specs and aesthetics as its larger brother.

Since Toyota divulged the newest model in its 250 Series Land Cruiser lineup – with the intent of selling the off-road SUV during the first half of the coming year – it appears reasonable to suppose that the Japanese automaker might soon roll out a more diminutive derivative. The FJ Cruiser could be the ideal choice for a comeback, and through billing it as the ‘Land Cruiser FJ’, Toyota can propose a celebrated counterpoint to the Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler, and the Land Rover Defender.

It has been quite a while now since Toyota stopped producing the FJ Cruiser (ending in 2014), but the process of halting output didn’t immediately follow. Despite not being available for some time, the FJ Cruiser still appears to be favored among many. This could indicate that Toyota may take up the challenge and bring back the old, smaller, off-road SUV as the Land Cruiser FJ. Furthermore, Toyota has come up with the Compact Cruiser which resembles the FJ Cruiser – potentially taking the place of an electric version of the off-roader.

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Toyota launched the FJ Cruiser, a mid-sized off-road sport utility vehicle (SUV), in the mid-2000s as a rival to the Jeep Wrangler. The automaker drew upon the FJ40 Land Cruiser for its exterior look, adding an up-to-date spin. Though its exterior styling was alluring enough to lure its target audience, its internal features weren’t quite as remarkable.

The inside of the FJ Cruiser did not boast a great amount of cabin room. But, this was not an important factor to its clientele. People were quite pleased with its remarkable off-road capacity, as well as more than enough power to get over any difficulties. If reintroduced as the Land Cruiser FJ, the smaller SUV could feature a similar appear and off-road capabilities as seen in the 250 Series Land Cruiser. Toyota has remained oddly quiet on the matter, although HotCars’ renders will help one envision what the upcoming FJ Cruiser could look like.

Toyota’s Land Cruiser is a standout vehicle, acclaimed for its incredible off-road performance. Reliable power comes from a 5.7L V8 engine combined with an advanced 6 speed transmission delivering seamless acceleration. This renowned 4WD beast confidently conquers any terrain prepare it for; excelling in snow, gravel, mud or sand. The Toyota Land Cruiser stands out as a highly praised vehicle due to its remarkable off-roading capabilities. This well-trusted car is powered by an impressive 5.7L V8 motor and is equipped with a sophisticated 6-speed transmission that allows for effortless shifting. It easily traverses just about every landscape, be it snow, dirt roads, mud, or sand; proving itself to be a reliable powerhouse wherever your journey takes you.

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