Visualizing the Mazda RX-9 as the True Heir to the Iconic RX-7

Exclusive render images tease production of RX-9, potentially carrying on the legacy of the RX-7.

According to various rumors, the highly anticipated RX-9 is still shrouded in mystery. If it does indeed materialize, it could potentially resemble the exclusive Mazda RX-9 render by HotCars’ digital artist, Rostislav Prokop. If this turns out to be the case, Mazda may have a smash hit on their hands. The sleek and modern design of the vehicle veers away from the eccentric style of the RX-8 and falls more in line with their current lineup. It takes inspiration from the petite proportions of the Mazda MX-5 and adds a unique rear end to create something new while still maintaining that unmistakable Mazda identity. Drawing from the RX-Vision concept car, the render video showcases a more production-friendly version. The striking appearance of this concept has us eagerly anticipating what Mazda has in store for their actual new sports car when it finally makes its debut.

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