Witness a Land Rover Narrowly Avoid Tumbling Down a Cliff

Lucky Escape: Unfathomable How Hill Plunge Avoided
Land Rover slide short

What would we call a “Final Destination Moment”? We could say that it pertains to miraculously evading death. For example, this video from 404 Photos on YouTube perfectly illustrates this, with a mid-air Land Rover barely bypassing a cliff.

The video description gives us a location of Town Creek Road near Dahlonega, Georgia. Consulting Google Maps, we can see that it’s located in the far northeast part of the state, in the southern part of the Appalachian Mountains. A post from 404photo on Reddit further confirms that a second-generation Land Rover Discovery has been seen off-roading there and is “stuck all the time.” Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about the driver, apart from the fact that they may have gone too fast and underestimated the cornering abilities of their SUV on wet roads.

The brief video reveals a white Disco that hurtles perpendicularly into the frame. The car cameras decelerates as the Land Rover motorist amends, overcompensates and slides to an impasse on the border. The rear tyres hover right at the verge of the mound, after which it quickly retreats. Just when one estimates it will plunge from the hill’s end, the driver stampeds on the brakes. Much to our astonishment, it is as close to a successful save as we have ever seen; unfortunately the escapade continues.

After briefly evaluating the harm done to the four-wheel drive vehicle, the driver attempted to reaccess the pathway. Albeit this SUV is a Land Rover, in theory it should be able to just get back onto the highway with ease; however, either the ledge may be more steep than assumed or something big is obstructing the car underneath. It moves forward utilizing all four of its wheels, before eventually coming to a stop. The video concludes with the drought struggling to go any further, the rear of the car dangerously close to the edge.

As per the Reddit thread, on the ninth of December this instance took place. Thankfully, it appears there were no injuries. This video stands as a good indication to continually be aware of the road conditions. It is evident that the SUV driver was driving too quickly for the moist pavement. Keep safe out there everybody.

Source: 404 Photos / YouTube via Reddit

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