1,000-HP Hydrogen Monster Truck: Eco-Friendly Speed

Monster-Riding Team Proves Fun & Eco-Friendliness Can Coexist

Team Throttle Monster made headlines this year when they unveiled the world’s first hydrogen-powered monster truck, the dinosaur-themed “Jurassic Attack”. Boasting an impressive 1,000 horsepower, this eco-friendly vehicle is one of the most incredible – and responsible – monster trucks we’ve ever seen.

Jurassic Attack generated a lot of buzz at SEMA 2023, garnering considerable curiosity among onlookers. Although tantalizing to behold, why would someone build a hydrogen-powered monster truck? According to Chevy Hardcore, the impetus for the project arose when Mike Copeland, CEO of Arrington Hydrogen, was scouring for a suitable platform to test his firm’s hydrogen-powered combustion engine.

Using information from past hydrogen-powered builds, Arrington Hydrogen constructed a motor that was strong enough to move the huge truck. Some adjustments had to be executed to yield the mandatory amount of strength, with the organization seeking out aftermarket experts for help.

Dart Machinery was assigned the difficult job of constructing an engine for the project. The end product was a monstrous 8.4-liter Chevrolet engine, fitted with Dart Pro2 cylinder heads and inclusive of the Big M 540 short-block package. This incredible configuration is certainly suitable for a monster truck, however, Jurassic Attack requires something a bit more special due to its innovative hydrogen combustion system. Unlike toyota Mirai’s fuel-cell set-up, this system works like any other conventional combustion engine.

A common fuel supply system wouldn’t suffice, so the group had to seek out other sources of aid. Consequently, Phinia, a branch of Borg-Warner, was requested to produce special hydrogen M3.5 PFI H2 injectors for the massive truck, enabling the engine to be nourished with fuel. Todd Anderson, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President at Phinia, stated that it was great to witness their technology incorporated into a racing engine.

Significant adjustments have been made, such as Total Seal AP piston rings for reduced pollutants and improved energy efficiency. Renowned manufacturers partnered with the process, including Edelbrock and Haltech.

“Collaborating with Mike Copeland on this venture has been an exhilarating experience,” exclaimed Paul Jenson, owner of Team Throttle Monster. “Arrington Hydrogen is revolutionizing the world of internal combustion, and with Team Throttle Monster at the helm, we are sure to revolutionize the sport with zero carbon emissions, while still preserving the excitement that fans crave.”

It’s a remarkable construction which displays that the internal combustion engine’s prospects may well endure, particularly for high-performance and motorsport actions. While a large number of companies concentrate on electrified cars, a small selection are investigating the pluses of hydrogen energy. BMW has its iX5 research initiative, but Toyota is leading the way in the creation of hydrogen combustion engines, even testing the tech in motorsports events. We could even witness a hydrogen-fueled Land Cruiser eventually.

Revisiting Jurassic Attack, it definitely makes a Ram 1500 TRX and Ford F-150 Raptor appear average on comparison. Even more significantly, it holds the capacity to alter the preconception of monster truck followers while exhibiting the benefits of renewable energy.

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