Toyota’s Home Fueling w/ Hydrogen Network

Toyota Mirai Home Fueling With Fuel Distribution Center Patent

The dispute concerning which energy source is superior for cars in years to come continues to be intensely discussed. Toyota has been recognized as one of the only car makers who back hydrogen fuel over battery-powered vehicles. The Toyota Mirai is a standout among the handful of hydrogen autos available these days; however, the absence of Hydrogen fueling locations in America is a noticeable deficiency.

Toyota is now setting up a “Shared Hydrogen Network” which could expand the different available sources of energy, as revealed in a recently granted patent registered on December 5th, 2023. In summary, this might address the current limited amount of infrastructure for hydrogen powered vehicles and allow owners to charge their Mirai cars at home.

Toyota has laid out a plan for their hydrogen network in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, summarizing it best in the “What is claimed” section of the nineteenth page. Important amongst the aspects explained is that the fuel-sharing network system will be the first to contain an internal fuel cell apparatus.

The configuration of this system will make it suitable for home use, complete with a fuel tank that stores fuel. Furthermore, Toyota declares that there is a ‘Generations and Distribution Unit’ set up to create the energy for supply to the fuel tank, thus providing the necessary fuel to the hydrogen car.

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The document has a complicated lexicon, nevertheless Toyota has created graphics to give a mental image of the system. This arrangement would also incorporate a solar panel to furnish electricity to the fuel cell unit linked to the residence, plus either a water or natural gas resource.

This would be the site where the gas production and delivery unit is set up for transforming water or gas supply to hydrogen fuel. This arrangement utilizes the electrical strength from the solar panel, or some other power source, to provide for the fuel cell mechanism.

The system registers the utilization of a mobile phone for collaborating with the fuel cell setup. The driver’s phone would connect to both the auto and the fuel-sharing community to authenticate the car electronically. Authentification being completely finished, it would then furnish the vehicle with hydrogen fuel.

This technological breakthrough would guarantee that the Toyota hydrogen vehicle is faithfully synced to the respective home network. It is a complicated, drawn-out setup that Toyota has filed a patent for, yet if it succeeds it could revolutionize how we utilize hydrogen for energy storage in the house and make available refueling capabilities at home for a hydrogen driven vehicle.

Motor CorporationThe U.S. Patent and Brand Office is proud to recognize Toyota Motor Corporation in recognition of its ingenious achievements. The company has continually applied for numerous patents and trademarks, which has allowed it to make unique contributions. Its unceasing commitment to ingeniously creating top-notch technological advancements particularly merits applause. The United States Patent & Trademark Office proudly commemorates Toyota Motor Corporation for its creative accomplishments. Toyota has consistently submitted many patents and trademarks, enabling them to make remarkable progress. Appreciation must be given for their continuous exertion in the development of top-tier hi-tech breakthroughs.

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