125M Supercars: Detailing Center’s Mega Storage

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EXPLORING Dubai's SECRET £100M Supercar STORAGE Facility !!

No one can argue that supercars and world-class detailing are intertwined. Today, more and more owners of agenzas and scarce high performance autos like to preserve them the way they came from the factory. Consequently, making use of automotive films to protect the car’s exterior is now commonplace. In Dubai in particular, there are thousands of cars requiring some form of paint retouching or protection every day.

Found at the marrow of the supercar universe, it is no shock that NVN Motorworks’ garage remains busy with elegant supercars coming for different maintenance needs. Recently uploaded to the Supercars of London YouTube channel, a video tour of the shop’s facilities boasted an abundant selection of rare and exotic automobile models. While some of them were tucked away (which interestingly causes amusement as indicated in the video), plenty of others are seen standing tall and proud, ready to have their stellar appearances acknowledged.

In conclusion, in the latter section of the clip, the vlogger goes to an auto showroom nearby that displays a variety of supercars – with some purchasable and others available for hire. Every one of these vehicles is kept in pristine, factory-like health: precisely what these gems deserve, even if regularly used. This dealership features models such as a Porsche Carrera GT, a Ferrari SP2 Monza, a Bugatti Chiron, a Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae, a Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series and many more impressive motor cars.

Give consideration to taking a swift trip to the United Arab Emirates in case you haven’t been to Dubai yet. If extravagance shopping and modernized constructions aren’t your cup of tea, it’s still an ideal spot for supercar buffs. In case you can’t make such a journey now, check out the video on the top of the page.

Source: SOL – Supercars of London on YouTube

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