Aston Martin Unveiling 4 EVs, No ICE Replacements

First Item On Sale in 2025

Do you recall the Rapide E and Lagonda Vision Concept? Showcased below, both of these set out to be the pioneers of Aston Martin’s EV objectives, however, unfortunately, both projects were terminated. Moving ahead to 2023, the Gaydon-founded manufacturer is far more passionate than ever in their mission to market zero-emission vehicles. In addition, they are now in a considerably better monetary position due to ample investments. So as to create an undeniable electric future, they have partnered up with Lucid.

As proclaimed in the early part of this week, coming electric vehicles (EVs) will integrate electric engines and battery modules from Lucid. Lawrence Stroll, Chairperson of Aston Martin, informed Automotive News Europe that he intends to introduce four EVs in the upcoming years, the foremost being geared towards launch for 2025. Although only a vague sketch is provided officially, Automotive News Europe conjectures it to portray a coupe-styled SUV. These oncoming EVs shall merely be supplementary to their range rather than substitutes to current internal combustion engine (ICE) versions.

A new, exclusively-crafted architecture has been developed internally by Aston Martin to underpin their upcoming range of electric vehicles. It is a multi-purpose platform that provides the basis for a sport utility vehicle, an example of grand touring, as well as a sports auto and a fresh hyper car. Desiring to electrify its primary lineup completely before the start of the next decade, the Valhalla will be the brand’s initial plug-in hybrid model when it is unveiled in 2024; and two years following this, all models will also feature either a hybrid or electric version.

Just a few days ago, the news of Aston Martin’s partnership with Lucid was made public, but according to Lawrence Stroll, the two companies had been in discussion for about a year. When asked why the British luxury car manufacturer decided to collaborate with the Californian EV brand, Stroll responded: “Lucid offered the best mature technology with the highest output of horsepower and the smallest battery height.”

Lucid Motors, boasting a 3.7% holding in Aston Martin, have cooked up the tech to fuel a tri-motor configuration. The hefty $249,000 billed for the Air Sapphire was money well spent, as the vehicle packs an impressive 1,200 horsepower which results in the humongous luxury sedan to blast off from 0-60 mph in a speedy 1.89 seconds and reach top speeds of over 200 mph!

Lucid Motors is among the multiple car companies supplying components to Aston Martin. Forthcoming models are going to incorporate seating and HVAC items from Geely while the association with Mercedes to procure the dual-turbocharged AMG V8 along with an electronic construction and electric powertrains will be upheld.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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