1962 Chevrolet Corvette Restomod: Uniquely Blown & Lowered

HotCars’ Timothy Adry Emmanuel Takes a Look at the Last of the C1 Corvettes.

In the 1962 model year, Chevrolet’s Corvette marked an end of a period. This was the concluding chapter for C1 models, as well as solid-axle suspension and headlights that were externally visible. These features weren’t to make a comeback until 2005.

“For 1962, Corvette buyers had the option of the fastest model of its generation. Chevy equipped it with Rochester fuel injectors, which gave it a rating of 360 hp, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a powerful ride.”

We turned to renowned digital craftsman Timothy Adry Emmanuel for a brand-new rendering of the 1962 Corvette. While preserving the car’s signature shape and essence, he also provided some awesome upgrades and vintage touches that boast both its performance and design.

Emmanuel’s Corvette boasts a classic Roman Red hue for the exterior. He accents the side scoops using matte black for a dramatic aesthetic. This design is reminiscent of the two-tone styling seen in the C1 back in 1961.

Whilst the entirety of the 14,531 Corvettes produced in 1962 were convertibles, this customised restomod has been remodelled to a hardtop, giving an entirely fresh appearance to the sports car. Smartly styled street-rod peep mirrors replace the original format.

He has lowered the automobile and integrated a sizable front chin spoiler for improved aerodynamics. A modern air-capturing grille has supplanted the delicate mesh one that first appeared in 1961.

In 1962, a Corvette restomod was created featuring sophisticatedly strengthened wheel arches that incorporate sizeable and more substantial wheels. The iconic boat-tail styling being widely utilized in 1961 by Chevrolet is still retained, as well as hefty rear diffusers designed by Emmanuel.

The most ambitious transformation of all is likely the dual blower which sits atop the hood. You might as well go for the gold and swap out the original 327 cubic inch V8 in favor of a beefier 500 horsepower LS3. A Tremec 6-speed manual gearbox should replace the prior Powerglide two-speed automatic so as to make full use of your newfound power. Combined with the supercharger, engine output reaches an astounding 700 horsepower – enough to make a real splash both on the street and at the track.

The enthusiastic Emmanuel’s modded ride could push you to scrutinize the worth of a vehicle similar to this in the present market. Predictably, you will have to shell out some dough for it. According to Hagerty, an immaculate 1962 Chevrolet Corvette is appraised at $80,000.

Perhaps this could entail clinging to hope until the lottery ticket yields a success, or your fortunate enough to find what you’ve long hoped for – the special C1 Corvette. Meanwhile, you can marvel at the extraordinary sight of Emmanuel’s superbly styled Corvette.

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