LEGO 1961 Chevy Convertible Kit – $149.99

1,210-Piece Car Set with Working Parts

The 1961 Chevy Corvette Convertible has now been added to the Lego Icons selection, becoming the very latest edition of automotive art. Available for purchase starting August 1st, the model can be acquired at the tremendous cost of $149.99.

The set includes 1,210 pieces. The Corvette measures in at approximately 13 inches in length, 6 inches wide, and 4 inches in height once fully built. This model is recommended for those above the age of eighteen years old by Lego.

The miniaturized Corvette offers a liftable hood revealing an eight-cylinder motor, complete with the rotation of its radiator cooling fan. It furnishes operating steering, and even packs three separate collections of license plates!

The hardtop complements the exterior and can be easily removed. Inside the cabin, options include featured such as pedals, the gearshift, a radio, rearview mirror, and a movable steering wheel.

The Corvette unveiled in 1953 was a complete spin on the standard. Substantial differences were observed by the time it hit 1961. Whereas the earliest Corvettes had one headlamp, double headlights on either side came into play for the 1958 model. The ’61 was unique in its design as it featured four circular taillights incorporated into the upgraded back end.

The original ‘Vette typically featured a straight-six engine. However, in 1955, the V8 was made available as an option. Fast-forward to ’61 and there were 5 different models of 283 cubic-inch (4.64-liter) V8s that could be chosen from; two of which came with fuel injection, according to Vette Facts.

The ’62 Corvette exhibited the last model of the introductory era. Though it shared a majority of design features with its predecessor of the year before, it was not offered with the dual-color exterior scheme. Moreover, the engine size was augmented to a capacity of 327 cubic inches (5.4 liters).

Lego’s Icons range utilises the trademark bricks to craft amazingly intricate models. Back in 2021, they showcased a construction set of the beloved Land Rover Defender 90, which included an array of extras like tooling and retrieving boards. The miniature SUV was placed on sale at a price tag of $239.99.

Come 2022, the Lego Icons line will be featuring a buildable version of the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 convertible, available with varying colored stripes. Lucky owners of this build-it-yourself toy will also be able to have access to an Optimus Prime set, which morphs into a semi-truck. Also, there’s the DeLorean DMC-12 model, which allows fans to construct the car just as it appears in any of the three Back to the Future movies. Even the classic Vespa 125 scooter can be fashioned from this range.

Source: Lego

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