1964 MGB Roadster: Legendary JDM Secret Uncovered

British Convertible: Japanese Engine

You can be sure that time and again, you’ll locate remarkable discoveries on Craigslist, such as this renovated 1964 MGB with a Japanese Domestic Market spin. Boasting a Nissan SR20DET engine, the classic English roadster was subject to a extensive refurbishment and conversion, unifying the timeless allure of the MGB car with the strength and speed of the JDM motor.

The seller’s current position is in Manhattan Beach, CA which was not stated. Nevertheless, judging from its red top, it could have been obtained from a Silvia or 200SX; a rear-wheel-drive sports car that was marketed alongside the GT-Rs and Z cars of the ’90s in Japan, better known as 240SX in the United States.

It should generate around 201 horsepower if derived from preceding versions.

We’re speculation that the SR20DET will deliver greater performance in this setup, notably due to an array of improvements, like a Tomei camshaft and side-feed injectors, plus a Garrett GT28 incorporated with a superior top-mount turbo kit. To increase effectualness, it’s combined with a Walbro 255 fuel pump, a custom 300ZX driveshaft, a Vivid pulley system, electric dual fans, and a specifically crafted intercooler. For the transmission, a more modern Silvia S14 was chosen.

The inside of this MGB has gone through an extensive transformation; boasting burgundy upholstery with cream-hued accenting, carpets from Moss Motors, and a special control panel. Captains of this vehicle are treated to digital instruments and a Pioneer SPH unit which is suitable for holding iPhones for easy access as well as displaying reading of speed. For maximum quality in sound, a custom speaker box/amplifier casing and Kicker speaker system with a 10-inch subwoofer have also been installed the trunk – alongside two additional Kicker amplifiers.

Whilst the outside conserves its traditional aesthetic with wired wheels and original patterns in the center, practical modifications have been made such as disc brakes from a more up-to-date MG model and a front air spoiler.

One cannot forget the potential cons when embarking upon any project. Cabling of the meters must be done, and blemishes can be seen on the paintwork. According to the vendor, the automobile has a factory-standard ECU; therefore, an up-to-date substitution and suspension betterment is suggested.

This venerable MGB accompanied by a Nissan engine has a cost of $15,000 and the merchandiser is more than amenable to bartering it with an array of automobiles which include Mini Cooper, Chevy Camaro, Toyota AE86, BMW M3, Honda S2000, and Can-Am side-by-sides for off-roading.

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