Toyota Supra vs Nissan Silvia Drag Race

Over $100K Invested to Tune Silvia
600hp Toyota Supra v 700hp Nissan Silvia: DRAG RACE

A competition between tuned Japanese sport coupes of different eras is presented: a contemporary Toyota Supra takes on an S15 Nissan Silvia from the turn of the century.

The Supra is equipped with a standard 3.0-liter inline-six unit, however, it now has a turbo, downpipe and exhaust all taken into account. With the updated software for the ECU, users are able to get the most out of the modded system. This modification significantly boosts the horsepower from the stock setting of 382 hp up to a whopping 600 hp, all at a cost of approximately $7,640 (6,000 pounds).

The proprietor of the Silvia reckons he has invested no less than $102,000 (80,000 pounds) to modify his ride. The refurbished engine now displaces 2.2 pints instead of the stock 2.0 pints. A massive turbocharger is also incorporated to the bonnet, allowing the Japanese coupe to yield roughly 700 hp. To put it into perspective, the factory-installed turbocharged powerplant yields 247 hp in comparison.

Head-to-head races kick off proceedings. The Toyota boasts a speedy eight-speed automatic, whilst its Nissan opposition is equipped with a good old manual transmission. It’s tricky to get the Silvia just right for lift-off, but the Supra rarely fails in these contests.

Next, they start off from a stationary position, evening the playing field since exiting off the line and skill of launching is no longer an issue. They both rev up their engines to reach 30 mph in second gear. Initially, the two cars are quite closely matched for a few moments as they accelerate away. Eventually though, the Silvia builds sufficient boost and races ahead in a powerful surge.

The competitors were once again revving their engines for the renewed race, going at a brisk rate of 50 mph in third gear. The Silvia may have taken a bit longer for its engine to reach maximum torque and boost up its performance, yet the Nissan still earned itself another triumph.

The ultimate contest witnessed both cars in their best form. The cars gradually accelerated, but the Silvia was able to quickly initiate its turbo for the win.

As of 2022 a whisper has been circulating that Nissan is likely to bring back the Silvia badge for an electric-powered sports vehicle. The word on the street is that it might be released as late as 2025, however no supplementary information is accessible.

Throughout its timeline, the Silvia tended to find itself occupying a lower place in Nissan’s selection of performance vehicles. In comparison to the Z models and the Skyline GT-R whose cost was greater, you could draw a parallel to the Toyota Celica wherein purchasers who desired even more capability could upgrade to their Supra model.

Source: CarWow via YouTube

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