1967 Impala SS: Not a Good Companion at Night

Radical Performance in Our Moody Impala SS Render

If you desired to build a restomod from an venerable car, the boundless possibilities would be yours. With countless agencies being able to renovate any vehicle in any state into a contemporary high-performance vehicle, it appears the only hindrance is money.

Rostislav Prokop, the artist from HotCars, is liberated from having to find a genuine car when he produces this restomod artwork. Using the unique 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS as the model, the output evidences how seamlessly this automobile’s initial styling carries over even in its refurbished look.

Expect to see large rims, polished metal, and a low ground clearance; this is the foundation of restomod design, taking a legend and transforming it through an artist’s digitally-adept eye.

Re-written June 2023: This article is revised with newly-acquired knowledge regarding the worth of a classic 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS, together with an assessment of the last rendition of the Impala prior to its discontinuation. Further investigation also looks into whether the iconic brand will revive the historic nameplate in the future.

At first glance, the vehicle exudes swagger and its black paint catches any trace of light in the shadowed atmosphere.

A seeming sense of danger surrounds it; the object has been achieved – darkened windows, bold styling and moody LED lighting affirm that you wouldn’t want to find this particular Impala restomod unexpectedly driving down a dead-end road towards you.

Notable amongst the features of the Impala is its pillarless glasshouse, whose elegant glossy paintwork adorns in a fashion that’s unparalleled by any modern vehicle. Boasting a three-box concept of design, the Impala presents a look that will not be replicated anytime soon.

The luminous platform on which it stands gives the indication of speed. Large chrome wheels are deeply embedded in the generous fenders, and golden calipers flaunt its halting capability.

Returning to the rear view is where the true enchantment of this particular model resides – however, not for the reasons that have come to your thoughts. There exists no massive spoiler or overblown exhaust pipes; just the renowned flat-looking trunk form featuring a diffuser in its bottom section.

No contemporary restomod design would be entirely finished without a diffuser, nevertheless restraint is the essential in this formulation, with the light bar accentuating further of the futuristic atmosphere. Integrating the side-exit exhausts into the rear side quarter panels is a firsthand notion.

The 1967 Chevy Impala SS constituted somewhere between 10-15% of the standard models, still the Impala was a notable success for GM. According to Classic.com, an average ’67 Impala nowadays is valued at approximately $40,000.

Hagerty states the typical value of SS models to be around $33,000, nevertheless ‘427’ models are even more valuable. Furthermore, only approximately 2,000 Impala SSs were constructed with this set up.

Beneath the cover of this device had to be something powerful and hard-hitting, such as a double turbo charged 6.2 liter LT4 GM engine.

The auction values for the 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS remain largely unaltered since this piece of writing was originally presented, with average values touching the $40,000 mark. Of special interest are the SS convertible models, as only around 10,000 of them were produced.

Chevrolet bid farewell to the Impala moniker in 2020 after many years of loyal service, although one could never say for sure that it won’t come back someday. Currently, only the 2023 Chevy Malibu can be purchased from Chevrolet’s website at around $25,000. As with other car-makers, most of their focus has shifted to crossovers and SUVs due to their higher profitability, which seem to be increasingly popular in the current year of 2023.

Ford has discarded the Ford Fusion and Taurus, and except for the Ford Mustang, no longer boasts any other vehicle in its selection. Even though some manufacturers still make sedans, this type of motor vehicle is slowly becoming a relic of the past.

Sedans similar to the boxy Impala will probably not be seen again, since contemporary vehicles possess improved packaging, space and aerodynamics. Nonetheless, this doesn’t negate the Impala’s greatness, and this modified version is one method for the classic to still exist in a manner.

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