1968 Torino GT: Honoring Mustang’s Sibling

Angry ’68 Torino GT Restomod Makeover

The ’68 Ford Torino GT may not have the wholehearted legacy of its contemporaries in the Mustang, but this solid intermediate had more than enough power and style. Essentially a modified Fairlane, the GT package featured an alluring fastback silhouette, presented with the option to upgrade to a 7.0L V8 engine, as well as lesser eight-cylinder variations. With our redesigned take on this classic machine, we’ve added a customized wide-body kit, plus a multitude of restomod upgradations. Most notably, we’ve incorporated a ‘shaker hood’ for the exposed V8 motor, as well as bold blends of traditional and modern details, plus a ground-breaking use of textured materials on its rear panel. All in all, this reiteration of the Mustang’s senior sibling is intended to be a kickass ride.

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