1978 Plymouth Trail Duster: Old SUV Dream

Will it Start After 16 Years?

Almost everybody has some memory of the Dodge Ramcharger. This influential two-door SUV originated in 1974, remaining frequently attainable to U.S. buyers until the early 1990s. However, not everyone is aware that Plymouth also had its own version of this off-roading car: The Trail Duster. This recently published video from Dead Dodge Garage on YouTube shows more about it.

On the surface of things, when we talk about versions, often we refer to vehicles like the Trail Duster, which could in fact be regarded as a Ramcharger with different badges. In reality, the two were virtually indistinguishable, making it difficult for even a sharp view to detect any dissimilarities. Badge-wise this 1978 version was called the Trail Duster Sport, making reference to its simulated wood trimming – quite fashionable during the ’70s. But, what intrigues us most is what transpired inside the hood: a beefy 400 cubic-inch (6.5L) V8 equipped with an Edelbrock aftermarket 4-barrel carburetor.

The recently-uncovered Trail Duster in Washington had been out of commission for 16 years prior to this. Documenting the difficulties associated with re-igniting what was essentially a decade-old gas tank, the video demonstrates that it wasn’t a simple DIY job. Fuel line repairs and refurbished distributors were needed before the aged Plymouth could be brought back to life, yet even so the motor roared into action! Whilst its position on future restoration is ambiguous, at least the present proprietor can relish entertaining moments as they drive it around for now.

Throughout the early ’90s, the Ramcharger was retained in production. However, after concluding the first-generation range in 1981, Plymouth ceased producing the Trail Duster. It is estimated that around 36,000 were produced, meaning it’s not particularly scarce. Although, with a 6 year production duration, it isn’t nearly as ubiquitously found as its akin Dodge vehicle.

Will This 1978 Plymouth Trail Duster 400 Big Block Run After 16 Years?

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