1989 Ford Mustang GT: Perfect Project Car

Throtl Unveils Epic Fox Body Mustang Build

The clearly legendary Ford Mustang is quite certainly among the most distinguished American muscle cars ever brought about, and the Fox Body Mustang is particularly the steed of preference for various devotees of the blue oval automobiles. Much to revere about the irresistible Fox Body Ford Mustang, widespread aftermarket assistance making it an alluring car selection among aficionados.

In contemplation, the most modern video on the Throtl YouTube page unveils an extraordinary condition 1989 Ford Mustang GT of the Fox Body make. The gents purchased one of the most pristine and well-kept Fox Body Mustangs obtainable and go into detail about the vehicle in order to undertake a remarkable refurbishment venture.

Buying a Mustang GT & Building It On the Road in 7 Days! (not what we expected...)

The folks at Throtl are more than pleased with the acquisition of this well-maintained 1989 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT, which has merely 40,000 original miles. They are astounded by how spotless it remains inside and out, being an over three-decade-old car. This third-generation Fox Body Ford Mustang was kept in a garage for its whole life and the purchase even included the vehicle’s unique dealer window sticker and transaction documents from the last thirty years.

It’s truly amazing for the Throtl team that this Mustang GT stays original, apart from an alarm and back-window louver additions. Even beneathhood appears kept and pristine, with the stock 302 cu in V8 motor running great, making it receive the 5.0 moniker and the much-loved 225hp/300 lb-ft of torque combo. Unmodified Fox Bodies are massively sought-after. That is precisely why this car stands out so remarkably.

As the years pass, the Fox Frame Ford Mustang seems to be gaining in stature, with reports of guys who state they are having to pay more than double the original MSRP. This, of course, incorporates inflation during this time, and originally, when the car had a dealer sticker that labeled it at nearly $15,000 in 1989, its price today should be close to $30,000 for one in pristine condition.

The iconic Fox Body Ford Mustang is the ideal candidate for an intense conversion project, and Throtl have picked up the automobile for what promise to be a momentous build. The gents take it out to Jimmy Oakes’ facility situated on the east coast with excitement, but first they let the tires cry out while skidding in the car park.

Discovering the Throtl channel’s entire collection of programs offers a great chance to witness the complete transformation of this 5.0 Mustang Fox Body vehicle.

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