2000s BMW V8-Powered British SUV

Tyler Hoover’s Junkyard Land Rover Crawl Finds Rare German Powertrain

Tyler Hoover is substituting for Steve Magnante as the YouTuber battles his medical issues. In a new installment posted on Steve’s YouTube account, Tyler revealed yet another great discovery from the junkyard: a 2004 Land Rover Range Rover HSE.

Although the Range Rover is infamous for its repairs according to Hoover, it was the earliest released when BMW took possession. Tyler clarifies why this particular vehicle is dependable and also why he has a very particular relation with it.

Tyler offers viewers a tour of a 2004 Land Rover Range Rover, the inaugural product made under BMW. Modeled on the L322 chassis shaped by Richard Munch, he also fashioned much of the Series 50 Range Rover during the sixties and seventies. Owned before by the Rover Group and produced in the British Midlands, the Range Rover had an unfortunate fame for shoddy quality and untrustworthiness.

The retrofitted 2004 version features a non-corroding aluminium construction as well as exact replica air-ride suspension that was featured in prior Range Rover models. Within you’ll find a wide cabin with plenty of sophisticated appointments, such as a heated steering wheel, electrically heated Ishings at the back, and even an origial sonic system from Range Rover.

The powerful BMW-style key brings the vehicle to life with its ignition situated close to the gearshift, and there is even a knob which allows the driver to alter the height while driving on highways or taking the car off-road. The back seats can be adjusted in the center of their backs, and Steve believes this model from 2004 was the last one to come with headlight wipers as a feature.

Hidden beneath the bonnet is an engine with 282 horses, a 4.4-litre V8, as detailed in KBB – an engine that could very easily be mistaken for a Land Rover unit. This exact motor also powered BMW’s 2002 X5 V8 and was only implemented by Land Rover for a limited period before Jaguar took over. Unsurprisingly, they shifted gears towards Jaguar’s range of engines, typically encompassing supercharged 5.0-liter V8s that provide plenty of firepower.

Not only does the engine demonstrate the BMW representation beneath the bonnet, other components such as the reservoir for power steering and oil filter are also BMW-exclusive. While the cooling system of this particular car is operational, Tyler informs that there have oftentimes been difficulties with plastic assembly parts with BMW models.

Hoover discloses his special affiliation with his former automobile, the Range Rover, saying it was the instigation of his stint at Jalopnik. Nevertheless, he maintains that it is this particular model — despite its imperfections — that has contributed to Range Rover becoming the power brand it is.

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