2023 Force Citiline: 10-Seat SUV, Drum Brakes, 90 HP

G-Class Exterior, ’90s Interior

Force Motors, which was initially established as Bajaj Tempo Motors in 1958, but later changed its name in 2005, is an Indian vehicle maker situated in Pune. Though mainly focussing on commercial vehicles, it also sells cars suitable for people-like the Trax Cruiser and Gurkha. Its latest offering of 2023, the Citiline is basically a Trax Cruiser with a distinct frontal appearance and all chairs are placed `facing to front instead of having side-placed benches such as the Trax Cruiser 13-seater.

This vehicle has a boxy design that is reminiscent of the iconic Mercedes G-Class, particularly when looking at its side profile. To further add to its similarity to the German luxury brand, it is powered by a diesel engine borrowed from them. This four-cylinder, 2.6-liter unit produces a mighty 90 horsepower at 3,200 rpm and 184 pound-feet (250 Newton-meters) of torque from 1,400 rpm, while being mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. As with the G-Class, it also features a ladder-frame chassis. However, in contrast to the G-Class, the boxy vehicle only has 10 seats.

The Citiline isn’t classified as an SUV, but instead is illustrated as a MUV (Multi-Utility Vehicle) that obscures the division between an SUV and a van. Force Motors contain 15-inch wheels with 215/75 tires on quite a big car, since the people-carrier measures 201.5 inches (5120 mm) in length and 71.6 in (1818 mm) across, a wheelbase that measures 120 in (3050 mm) long, and an overall height of 80 in (2027 mm). A front double wishbone suspension complements a leaf spring set-up at the rear, which supplies drum brakes.

Although the interior decor may appear outdated, with four rows of seating it is still quite roomy. Getting up to the back rows is simplified by raising up the seats in the second tier, furthermore, ceiling-mounted air ventilation is ready for when the scorching heat begins in India. Due to the scarcity of amenities, one can depend on power windows and central locking systems, plus the possibility of bringing extra cargo via the folding fourth row.

Are you curious regarding the expense? The 2023 Force Citiline, featuring its bizarre 2+3+2+3 arrangement, can be found at merely over $19,000 when judging by today’s exchange rates. While this cost is tremendously affordable, do bear in mind this model is a basic car, sans a radio or even speakers. On the bright side, ABS and EBD are featured.

Source: Force Motors

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