2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Rates Rise Again

Production Resuming to Normal

Ford has officially declared to Automotive News that the 2023 F-150 Lightning just experienced another price surge this year. First occurring in December, the recent rise is indeed stirring up questioning. What’s behind it? As the base Pro model now begins at $61,869 – which is approximately $20,000 more than what was announced back in April 2022, with the addition of a $1,895 destination cost.

Between December 2022 up until now, there has been an approximation of $4,000 added onto the price tag for the F-150 Lightning Pro. It would be remiss to not mention that within that time period, a disruption at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, located close to Detroit, happened due to a vehicle battery fire in February that sparked a recall of eighteen models. Fortunately, the problem was taken care of, and the factory is now back running at full capacity once again. Furthermore, the rise in cost has not just impacted the entry-level Pro, but other trims too.

The Lariat begins from $77,869 compared with its previous start price of $76,369, while the Platinum trim is not obtainable for under $99,969, a boost from $98,769. It is yet to be seen how far Ford can retain that model in under six figures; however, we wouldn’t be taken by surprise if it makes it beyond one hundred thousand for 2024. Therefore, what’s causing the cost escalation?

Ford recently announced that it is temporarily suspending orders for its popular F-150 Lightning. Citing “current material costs, market factors and supply chain constraints,” the Blue Oval is limiting orders to commercial customers only, beginning next month. Unsurprisingly, these issues are nothing new, with the country continuing to grapple with inflation. Despite this, it is highly unlikely Ford will have difficulty selling Lightnings, as the Pro model remains sold out for retail buyers.

Good news for potential buyers – the XLT, XLT High, and XLT’s Extended Range and Lariat’s Extended Range have all kept their prices steady from last December, starting at $65,369 (inclusive of the destination charge), $70,869, $82,869, and $87,869 respectively.

In response to upsurging demand, Ford declared in December that more production and 250 more positions at the Michigan plant would be established for the implementation of a third shift. The factory is already functioning round-the-clock on 10-hour workdays. The company hopes to increase output efficiency to 150,000 trucks to be made per annum by autumn. Moreover, in February, Ford reported their intention to introduce less pricy Lithium-ion Phosphate (LFP) batteries for their F-150 Lightning XLT and Mustang Mach-E Select models in 2021 with the aim of lessening expenses.

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