Ford Lowers F-150 Lightning Price By $10k

Quick Price Drop on F-150 Lightning: Under $50k!

Ford has proclaimed considerable cutbacks in the fundamental Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of the Ford F-150 Lightning throughout its range, reversing months of escalated prices caused by manufacturing and availability difficulties.

“Shortly after launching the F-150 Lightning, rapidly increasing material costs, supply issues, and other elements caused the cost of the [electric] truck to soar for Ford and our clients,” said Marin Gjaja, chief customer officer for Ford Model e. “We’ve kept on striving behind the scenes to make the F-150 Lightning more accessible and affordable, so that we can reduce prices for our customers and reduce the wait times for the delivery of their new vehicle.”

Ford did away with the Lightning reservation program back in May, making it more accessible, and they are now committed to make the pricing process less emotionally taxing.

The F-150 Lightning Pro has experienced a noteworthy price alteration, going down $9,979 for the base MSRP which is now $49,995. The XLT trim, with the 311A equipment group can be obtained at a cost of $54,995, thereby bringing about a saving of $9,479. The 312A Equipment group costs $59,995, amounting to a cutback of $8,479. The 312A Extended Range version brings greater savings with a decrease of $8,879 and opening in pricing at $69,995.

The Lariat 510A features the same price, resulting in a savings of $6,979, while the Extended Range Lariat is now priced at $77,495, saving consumers $8,479. The Platinum Extended Range version comes to $91,995, amounting to a decrease of $6,079.

Previously, the cost of destination and delivery totaled $1,995 across all models. Furthermore, certain models may qualify for incentives of up to $7,500 due to the Inflation Reduction Act.

Ford has attributed its ability to lower prices to “increased plant capacity, continued work on scaling production and cost, and improving battery raw material costs.” Thanks to this improved production output, customers can expect shorter wait times. The Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Michigan is currently closed for upgrades, with the aim of producing 150,000 Lightning pickups each year. Once these improvements are complete, Ford anticipates even further improvements in both pricing and wait times.

Regardless of what stimulates it, this cost decrease arrives at a favorable period. To start with, the Ford F-150 Lightning prices have been somewhat steady since its outset, and with the nearing culmination of Tesla Cybertruck’s manufacture, customers could have already entertained thoughts of looking elsewhere than Dearborn. Now that the Lightning initiates again for under $50,000, selecting Ford might be a cinch.

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