2024 Audi Q5 Render: A Peek Into Future Design

Audi to Launch Q5 in 2021 Following A4/A5

The Audi Q5 is on course for a full overhaul in the approaching 2024 model year. There has been extensive testing of the new edition in public view lately, including a recent observation that the automobile had already been furnished with its definitive lights.

An unofficial conception is aiming to surmise what the supposed Audi Q5 in 2024 will appear similar sans the rippled disguise. Of course, the idea was spawned by a number of disguised images and videos that have shown off the mid-size SUV’s feistier and mightier outline.

Our rendering exhibits a wider and more commanding solitary-frame grille, as well as slimmer LED matrix headlights that likely offer adjustable animations. The sides of the Q5 will be beefier, providing room for bigger alloy wheels reaching up to 21 inches in the sporty iterations. The SUV could grow by several inches in dimensions, producing more interior space for those in the cabin and storage room.

Within, the Q5 is predicted to hold a new-look dashboard, featuring a hanging central display and redesigned buttons. The four-spoke steering wheel should resemble those used in other Audi electric cars such as the Q4 E-Tron and Q8 E-Tron. It was observed in prior spy photographs that an expansive Quattro sign can be found on the inside console with several regular controllers.

Discoursing of electrified models, the Q5 is seemingly projected to contain a completely electric variety, maybe labeled the Q6 E-Tron, which will be an element of Audi’s latest classification system. In these ensuing years, Audi has aimed to allocate odd numbers to models with interior combustion engines and even numbers to electric versions.

Audi is yet to divulge any authentic data related to the engine options of the Q5. Nonetheless, it is believed that the range will include a mix of mild hybrid petrol and diesel powertrains, along with plug-in hybrid systems for higher-end variants. Moreover, speculation that an RS Q5 offered by Audi for the first time, powered by either a five cylinder or V6 engine and electrified configuration is hogging the limelight.

One can anticipate Audi to unveil the Q5 this year, most likely after the A4/A5 series.

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